J-Cappella - The choir of Constructor University

Conductor: Rucsandra Popescu

The choir was founded by students in 2007 and has been conducted by the composer, conductor and pianist Rucsandra Popescu since 2008. The ensemble consists of students and employees of Constructor University and is unique in its international composition.

Singers from about a dozen different countries are responsible for the sound of the choir. At concerts, the singers perform in their entirety as well as in smaller ensembles or solo.

The repertoire of J-Cappella is mainly influenced by the different musical and cultural backgrounds of the choir members. Thus each concert offers fascinating well-known songs from musicals and films, traditional folk songs from all over the world, gospels, but also current pop, rock and jazz pieces.


In December 2012, J-Cappella took part for the first time in an international choir competition, the 22nd International Festival of Advent and Christmas Songs in Prague. The choir was awarded a silver medal in two categories. The following year J-Cappella accepted the invitation to give a concert in Venice. In 2015, the choir was invited as one of three formations to the Bremen Pop and Jazz Choir Festival in the Schlachthof, and in April 2016 it took part in the Choir Competition of the Choir Association Bremen/Lower Saxony and received the diploma with the mark "very good".

With your support you enable J-Cappella to continue its international success story. It will be used to finance concert tours and charity events of the choir.

J-Cappella would like to thank all its supporters. Therefore we raffle a contingent of our previous CDs out of all donations received - so it's doubly worth participating!


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Please contact us any time to find out more about Constructor University and our programs. We would be pleased to welcome you on campus and show you more about the university in person. We look forward to your visit.

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Outreach & International Development
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