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Daisy Juknischke-Heinsen
Pressesprecherin / Press Officer
Phone: +49 1511 272 6907
Office: Reimar Lüst Hall, 220

Dr. Radwa Khalil, Neuroscience researcher at Constructor University in Bremen, recently published results from her study on creative thinking in the renowned Creativity Research Journal. (Source: Radwa Khalil/Constructor University)
How creativity is possible despite frustration
Patent for Constructor University alumnus: high-tech glasses replace guide dog
Today, tech expert Dr. Stanislav Protasov was appointed new President of Constructor University in Bremen with immediate effect (source: Constructor University).
Dr. Stanislav Protasov appointed as President of Constructor University
Steven Kibande (middle), student of Mbarara University, Uganda, won first place with his start-up Kanga Care at the Young Entrepreneur Summit, which was organized by Oscar Kirkwood (left) and Thea Mischel (right). (Source: Constructor University)
Start-up Kanga Care from Uganda wins at the Young Entrepreneur Summit
In her role as Resident Mentor at Constructor University, Dr. Adilah Ponnurangam is manager, educator, supporter, advisor and assertive authority figure all at the same time. (Source: Constructor University)
The woman who does it all: Adilah Ponnurangam is Resident Mentor at Constructor University
On March 24th and 25th 2023, the students of Constructor University invite you to their traditional Art Fest on campus in Bremen. (source: Regina Velazquez, Constructor University)
Zooming in, Zooming out – Invitation to the Art Fest at Constructor University
Marine bacteria tagged with fluorescence are investigated in the laboratory for chemotaxis using a microscope. (Source: Constructor University)
Research breakthrough: How CO2 affects our oceans
Constructor University Roadshow 2023
Constructor Roadshow starts in Hungary
Career Fair 2023
Constructor Career Fair: professional networking for a career start