Planetary Geology

Planetary Geology
Group leader
Planetary Geology
Specific themes and goals

Our group focuses on planetary data analysis and mapping to understand planetary evolution, complemented by analogue studies and activities.

  • Funded projects in the last two years cover planetary data analysis and specifically planetary data analysis and geologic mapping.
  • Prof. Angelo Pio Rossi serves as the coordinator of the Virtual Access for the H2020 Europlanet Research Infrastructure, specifically its planetary geologic mapping activity GMAP.
  • Prof. Rossi is also leading the Lunar data exploitation efforts within H2020 Explore.
  • Additionally, ESA Human Space flight- related planetary analogue activities are being funded, supporting future robotic and human exploration
Highlights and impact

Planetary geosciences efforts at Constructor University in the last decade have been visible in leading international venues, such as the EuroPlanet H2020 Research Infrastructure.

  • In our contribution, we have pioneered efforts to bridge the geospatial and Virtual Observatory communities in terms of data and tools. 
  • We have led planetary data services across FP7/ H2020.
  • We have led planetary geologic mapping efforts across the European Union and beyond with countries such as the United States and China. 
  • We have also supported the European Space Agency human exploration and technical directorates for current human spaceflight and future robotic exploration.
Group composition & projects/funding

In 2019-2022, the planetary geoscience group included one postdoctoral fellow and three to four PhD candidates, funded through four European H2020 projects (Planmap H2020 #776276, EuroPlanet-RI-H2020 # 654208, NEANIAS H2020 #863448, EXPLORE H2020 # 101004214), as well as the ESA Miracles Geology and Science Support. In 2019-2022, the entire group was entirely third-party funded.

Selected publications
  • Fernandes, M., Pletl, A., Thomas, N., Rossi, A. P., Elser, B. (2022). Generation and Optimization of Spectral Cluster Maps to Enable Data Fusion of CaSSIS and CRISM Datasets. Remote Sensing, 14(11), 2524. 
  • Luzzi, E., Rossi, A. P., Massironi, M., Pozzobon, R., Corti, G., Maestrelli, D. (2021) Caldera collapse as the trigger of Chaos and fractured craters on the Moon and Mars, Geophys. Res. Lett. 
  • Lauro, S.E., Pettinelli, E., Caprarelli, G., Guallini, L., Rossi, A. P., Mattei, E., Cosciotti, B., Cicchetti, A., Soldovieri, F., Cartacci, M., Di Paolo, F., Noschese, R., Orosei, R. (2020) Multiple subglacial water bodies below the south pole of Mars unveiled by new MARSIS data. Nature Astronomy. 
  • Luzzi, E., Rossi, A. P., Carli, C., Altieri, F. (2020) Tectono-magmatic, sedimentary and hydrothermal history of Arsinoes and Pyrrhae Chaos, Mars, JGR-Planets. 
  • Torrese, P., Pozzobon, R., Rossi, A. P., Unnithan, V., Sauro, F., Borrmann, D., Lauterbach, H., Santagata, T. (2020) Detection, imaging