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The European Language Certificates

The European Language Certificates
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telc (The European Language Certificates) is a certification system for language proficiency in various European languages. It offers standardized exams that cover the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). telc certificates are internationally recognized and are often used for professional or academic purposes to officially demonstrate language skills. They are an important part of language learning programs in many countries and are valued by employers and educational institutions alike.




In our test center you can take telc German certificates at levels A2-C1.

The costs of one examination per student are covered by the university. The requirement is a successful participation in a German course at the language level you want to take a telc exam.

The exam consists of a written (listening/reading/writing) part and an oral part. For more information visit telc.

You can find all currently offered exams and dates via this form.

Preparation courses for levels A2-C1 are offered on three days of two lessons each (mock exams included).

Note: You can only register for a preparation course after you have registered for a telc exam. To register for a preparation course, simply click on the relevant course in the registration form.

No, participation is voluntary and an additional offer from the university.

A2: offers the opportunity to work in jobs with simple language skills. Is a good start for the Integration process in Germany

B1: The B1 certificate is a key to integration in Germany. With this language certificate, a foreigner has the opportunity to apply for settlement permit or naturalization in Germany. For many professions, a B1 certificate is a minimum requirement.

B2: You have better job prospects with a B2 certificate. The integration process can also be accelerated, and some bachelor and master programs in Germany accept a B2 language certificate as prerequisite.

C1: Most German universities and medium-sized companies expect a C1 level of German. A high language level also supports a successful integration into German social and cultural life.

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