Prof. Angelo Pio Rossi

Planetary Geology
School of Science
Campus Ring 1 | 28759 Bremen (Germany)
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+49 421 200-3153
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+49 421 200-3229
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Research III, Room 108
Research Interests

Planetary (Mars) Geology Remote Sensing Terrestrial Analogues Impact Cratering

Planetary geology is largely about remote mapping, and geologic mapping is a key element of planetary exploration for mission planning, orbital and rover reconnaissance, and target selection for in-situ analysis and sample return. It is also vital to further our understanding of the formation and evolution of planetary surfaces. 

We can now analyze the growing amount of data collected by planetary missions to the Moon, Mars, Mercury using more integrated, data-driven approaches than scientists did in the 1970s, when they had to interpret photos. In particular, new datasets allow us to analyze planets’ subsurfaces, which is a relatively new mapping method. Present and future landing sites for robotic and human missions on both the Moon and Mars are primary targets, as planetary analogues are one of the ways, together with remote sensing, to tackle their exploration.

University Education

2004 - Ph.D, IRSPS, Univ. Chieti, Italy
2000 - Degree in Earth Sciences, Univ. Chieti, Italy
1995 - Maturita Scientifica (high school diploma)

Funded Projects
Selected Publications

Angelo Pio Rossi publications

Multiple subglacial water bodies below the south pole of Mars unveiled by new MARSIS data

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Sequence of infilling events in Gale Crater, Mars: Results from morphology, stratigraphy, and mineralogy

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Large‐scale spring deposits on Mars?

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Evolution and depositional environments of the Eberswalde fan delta, Mars

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Pervasive aeolian activity along rover Curiosity’s traverse in Gale Crater, Mars

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Combinations of processes responsible for Martian impact crater “layered ejecta structures” emplacement

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Complex evolution of paleolacustrine systems on Mars: An example from the Holden crater

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The Dallol Geothermal Area, Northern Afar (Ethiopia)—An Exceptional Planetary Field Analog on Earth

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Melt and collapse of buried water ice: An alternative hypothesis for the formation of chaotic terrains on Mars

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VESPA: a community-driven Virtual Observatory in Planetary Science

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Geospatial web services pave new ways for server-based on-demand access and processing of Big Earth Data

J Wagemann, O Clements, R Marco Figuera, AP Rossi, S Mantovani

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History and applications of dust devil studies

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Fostering Cross-Disciplinary Earth Science Through Datacube Analytics

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Dust devil tracks

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Scoria cones on Mars: Detailed investigation of morphometry based on high‐resolution digital elevation models

P Brož, O Čadek, E Hauber, AP Rossi

Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 120 (9), 1512-1527



Work Experience

2016-2024 - Professor of Earth and Planetary Science at Constructor University (DE)
2011-2016 - Planetary Scientist at Jacobs University Bremen (DE)
2008-2010 - Discipline Scientist (Planets) at ISSI, Bern (CH)
2005-2008 - Research Fellow at ESA ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL).
2004 - Geological mapping (Italian mapping program, CARG)