Outgoing students

Outgoing students
The 3 steps to participating in a study exchange

Step 1: Speak to your Academic Advisor

Your Academic Advisor is the best person with which to discuss a potential exchange semester or internship. Book an appointment and speak with them as soon as possible to start the process and discussion for your fifth semester.

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Step 2: Select your top 3 host universities

It is important that you do your research before submitting your application. Look carefully through the Moodle Page and find out which universities are available for your major subject area, and which courses you could take while there. You need to ensure there are enough courses (and backup courses in case you swap/change any) that you can fulfill the 22.5 ECTS major subject area requirements.

Once you've checked the courses, double-check them. Many universities will have special requirements (only able to take courses from one department or a minimum amount of courses from one department).

If you plan to study at a university outside of the EU or a university that does not use the ECTS system, please refer to the Conversion Table and Study Abroad Credit Transfer Evaluation Principles as a guideline on how to calculate the credits to be transferred back to CU.


Step 3: Submit your complete application

Ensure that you have all documents for all three choices - including all signatures and upload them to the application portal via Campusnet.

Please refer to the FAQ section below to learn more about the application process.

We are very excited to accompany you on this adventure.

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FAQs about participating in study exchange:

Students usually require a 2.0 on the Constructor University scale and a language proficiency of B2 in the language of instruction of the host university if they wish to take courses in the language of instruction of the host university if it’s not English. Students with lower grades can apply but are not guaranteed a nomination. Students with lower GPAs will require written permission from their Academic Advisors, Study Program Chairs, and the affiliated Dean.

Reach out to your academic advisor and program coordinator to discuss how a study abroad semester will benefit your academic and personal development. A semester abroad would take place during your 5th semester and would replace the 5th semester of your studies at Constructor University. A Study Abroad semester does not replace the mandatory internship. Find out more about internships here.

Check out our list of partners here, as well as on the Outgoing Moodle Exchange Students page.
Please note that we have subject-specific partnerships with each partner which means that only certain majors will be allowed to exchange with each partner.

Going to a non-partner is possible, however; there are a lot of different aspects to consider. Students who choose to go to a non-partner will not receive assistance from the International Programs Office in terms of nominations or applications. Students who choose to go to a non-partner may be subject to double tuition payments and will not receive any additional grant/scholarship funding.

Students can only study on partnership agreements that we currently offer. This includes studying within the agreements subject discipline. Please refer to the course catalogs on Campusnet to find which courses of your major are compatible with courses at the host university you wish to attend. You may also refer to the handbook of your respective major for this purpose.

Students must submit their applications via CampusNet no later than 15th December. All applications are then reviewed and discussed during the Study Abroad Committee which takes place in mid January. Placements are usually confirmed by the beginning or middle of February. Selection is based on GPA from the official transcripts, the successful completion of the required application documents, and how many people apply each year to each university. Once students are nominated by the Study Abroad Committee, they must also meet the host university’s application requirements to be fully accepted to your host university. Each university’s application requirements are different. These might include academic transcripts, motivation letters, letters of recommendation, or an English proficiency letter.

Please apply via CampusNet by 15 December
 It is highly recommended that students plan to have their application ready a week before the deadline, as signatures might take longer to be received. The required documents to be submitted by this date are CV/resume, motivation letter, budget form to estimate the amount of funding needed, and credit transfer form. This form must be signed by your academic advisor, your major’s coordinator, the coordinator of Big Choices Modules, the coordinator of the Community Impact Project, and finally by Registrar Services to approve your courses of choice at your host university. A template of the budget form and the credit transfer form can be found on the Campusnet Study Abroad application, or in the Moodle page.

Students are required to pay their normal Constructor University Tuition Fees, not including housing. Students then pay locally for accommodation. The fund provided by the Study Abroad Committee aims to cover part of the tuition fees at the student’s host university. Other personal expenses such as travel costs, health insurance, meal plans, are not covered by the Study Abroad Committee’s grant/scholarship funding.

Each country has its own visa requirements, and it is up to each individual student to do the research to determine visa requirements and work eligibility.

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