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Learning German

Learning German
Welcome to the German Language Program!

Learning German or improving language skills already acquired is not only an additional qualification to round off your résumé, but it is the (only) way to gain a deeper insight into German culture, take part in it through the media, and communicate with Germans on and off campus. It enables students to do an internship at a German company, and it paves the way for a professional or academic career in Germany. Speaking and understanding German also makes everyday life easier, more enjoyable, and much more interesting!

The Language and Community Center (LCC) offers German language courses, which are part of the curriculum and provide ECTS credits. The status of the German module for all undergraduate students is mandatory elective, which means you either choose two courses of German or as an alternative two lectures in Humanities.

All German classes are taught according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and a maximum of two courses will be rewarded with 2.5 ECTS. At the end of each proficiency level (A1-C1) you will have the opportunity to receive the internationally recognized TELC certificate.

In addition to the two mandatory elective classes, you may continue to enhance your German language skills at the Language and Community Center and further courses will show on your Transcript of Records.

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Please find information regarding the German placement test here.

Course structure
German language structure


Please note that due to the very recent realignment of the course structure the first A1 TELC certificate exams will be available in spring 2024 and for the other levels in fall 2024.


Mr. Max Schlenker – Head of Language and Community Center, SH 139
Office Hours
Mondays 12:45-14:30h

Ms. Iris Steckemetz – Language Lecturer German, SH 116
Office Hours
Wednesdays 12:45-14:30h

Ms. Diane Hegmann - Language Lecturer German, SH 133
Office Hours
Tuesdays 12:45-14:30h