Distinguished Lecturer of Computer Science
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Geochemistry - Geosciences: CritMET
Large-Scale Scientific Information Systems Research Group
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor of Comparative Literature Studies (Wisdom-Professorship)
Distinguished Lecturer of Electrical Engineering
Political Socialization
Biomedicine of Proteolysis – Quantitative Cell Biology
Well-Being and Social Data Science
Bremen Energy Research
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science (Software, Data and Technology)
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Numerical Modeling
Political Science
Adjunct Professor
Laser Protection Representative
Lecturer in Psychology & Methods
Adjunct Professor
Emerging Technologies in Industrial Engineering (EITIE)
Adjunct Professor of Marine Biology
Computational Materials Science
Wireless Communications and Signal Processing
Biophysics and Didactics of Physics
Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Head of Observatory of Higher Education Innovations
Adjunct Professor of Physical Oceanography
Adjunct Professor ("Honorarprofessur") of Economics
Adjunct Professor of Bioinformatics
Behavioral and Aging Neuroscience
Complex Dynamical Systems
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor of Project Management Concepts
Transmission Systems
Adjunct Professor in Law and African Studies
Lecturer International Foundation Year
International Foundation Year
Senior Lecturer in Industrial Engineering and Management | Supply Chain Analytics | Operations Research
Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering
Computational Systems Biology
Biochemistry of Gene Regulation
Modern Electromagnetics and Nanoelectronic Devices (MEND)
Emotion, Cognition, and Social Context Lab (X Lab)
Adjunct Professor in Psychology
Associate Professor of Microbiology
Complex Quantum Systems
Lecturer International Foundation Year
International Foundation Year
Molecular Biotechnology
Computational Physics and Biophysics
Functional Inorganic Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalysis
Biogeochemistry of trace metals and their speciation in the ocean
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science (Software, Data and Technology)
Data Science and Software Technology
Socio-Cultural Psychology
Analytical Chemistry
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Gender, Health, & Society
Information Management, Innovation and International Business (I3)
Electromagnetic Fields
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
Distributed Systems
Data-driven Agent-based Modeling in Computational Social Science
Adjunct Professor of Distribution Logistics & Advanced
Analysis on groups and homogenous spaces with applications
Chemical Physics – Linear and Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy in Frequency and Time Domain for the Study of Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Systems
Marine Systems and Robotics
The Entrepreneurial Process
Information Systems and Business
Ecological Modelling
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Complex Systems from the Perspective of Statistical Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics
Privatdozent of Economics
Business & Economics
Supramolecular Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Molecular Biotechnology
Organic Chemistry
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
Applied Mathematics, Data Science and Computing
Dynamical Systems and Chaos Theory
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
Mathematical Physics
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science (Software, Data and Technology)
Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics
Implications of the Rise of China and Non-Western Emerging Economies
Fluorine, a small atom with a great impact
Planetary Geology
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
SME Decision Science & Innovation Research Group (SME-DSIRG)
Language Lecturer (German) | Faculty Co-Chair Community Impact Projects
Language & Community Center | Student Affairs
Kooperationsprofessor (ZMT) Professor of Social Systems and Ecological Economics
Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
Adjunct Professor of Empirical Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Adjunct Professor of Logistics
Mathematical and Theoretical Physics: Classical and Quantum Gravity, Quantum Information
Teaching Lab Coordinator
Digital and Sustainable Accounting and Finance Research Group
Political Science: International Energy and Resource Governance Sustainability Transitions
Molecular Mechanisms of the Immune Response and Immuno-Biotechnology
Digital Assistants for Individualised Learning Systems (DAISy)
Language Lecturer (German)
Language & Community Center
AI, Computer Vision, and Human-Centred Computing
Implications of the Rise of China and Non-Western Emerging Economies
Medicinal Chemistry
Adjunct Professor of Geosciences
Modern and Contemporary History
President Emeritus
Molecular Plant Microbiology
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science (Software, Data and Technology)
Logistics Engineering and Technologies Group
Decarbonizing mobility
Complex Problems, Plural Rationality, and Public Policy
Professor of Computer Science (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence)
Business Administration
Physics of Near-Earth Space
Adjunct Professor of Biophysics
Organic and Nanoelectronics
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Data-Driven and Collaborative Decision Making in Complex Industrial Systems
Statistical Learning and Data Science
Adjunct Professor of Computational Drug Discovery
History and Theory of Art
Cultural Influences on Human Cognition
Edge Intelligence