Adriana Martinez

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What makes Constructor University unique

Constructor University strives to help talented young people become citizens of the world regardless of their nationality, religion and material means. We offer academic education, close support from faculty and the opportunity to live and grow together on an international campus. Our students are able to take on leading roles and responsibility in the sustainable and peaceful development of humanity.

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The university has given two students, Adriana and Cornel, the opportunity to spread their wings.
Adriana Martinez

Adriana Martinez, DSSB, recipient of the Hansa Flex Foundation Full Tuition Scholarship in 2021:

“This scholarship gave me the opportunity to continue my studies abroad while gaining job experience in the German market. Pursuing a master’s degree has been an immense challenge that made me see problems from a different perspective.

So, to someone who is now applying for a scholarship at Constructor University, I would say: Trust your qualifications and talent! Never underestimate your extracurricular activities as these may open doors for you in places where you would never expect. And don’t be afraid to be bold in planning your next step after graduating.”

Cornel Amariei, graduate in Electrical Engineering:

Forbes listed him in their “30 under 30” most influential up-and-comers in Europe. Cornel Amariei developed the “Lumen” glasses for the visually impaired during his studies. He now works as Head of Innovation at Continental. He continues to work on his pet project as CEO.

Reflecting on his time at this University, he said, “Interdisciplinary courses in subjects that were sometimes completely different from what I was studying helped to broaden my way of thinking. Now, when I am faced with a problem, I can look at it from a completely different perspective, which I couldn’t do before.”

Cornel Amariei
good reasons to get involved
Good reasons get involved
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