Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management
Master of Science - Online Graduate Program
Study Supply Chain Management (SCM) from home

and receive a regular Master’s degree from a top-ranked private German University

The program is application-oriented in its nature. This is reflected in the modules by aligning the contents with real-world issues, integrating practitioners from successful companies of various industries, and collaborating with companies in case studies and simulations. The program focuses on companies´ needs today and considers external company structures. It explores supplier relationships as well as the management of relevant company networks.

Degree and ECTS points: Master of Science, 120 ECTS

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Online Teaching

Constructor University online study programs focus on the holistic learning success of students and offer a variety of synchronous and asynchronous formats that align with problem and project-based learning. The online master program in SCM applies proven and effective teaching and learning modalities that engage distance learners and support a vibrant learning community. This means that students participate in online courses with predominantly asynchronous lectures and learning activities that are complemented by synchronous tutorials and hands-on sessions. Students are guided and supported by faculty as well as experienced tutors and lecturers to transfer acquired knowledge into practice. The hands-on elements include dedicated collaboration with other students through the use of tools and concepts that enable distributed work from different places and different time-zones. Students enrolled in online study programs will find their course materials such as videos, case studies, scholarly articles, websites, podcasts, online games etc. on a Learning Management Software (LMS) platform provided by Constructor University.

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Logistics Engineering and Technologies Group
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Study program's aims and structure

Skilled employees are necessary for companies to become trend- and agenda-setters in terms of the latest production and logistics technologies, control and optimization approaches and customer and employee-oriented management.

The online Supply Chain Management program aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the essential aspects in designing, maintaining and analyzing supply chains as well as teach the skills necessary to apply methods and tools to successfully and responsibly work on and in supply chains/networks. The program seeks to expand the participants’ competencies and capabilities to be prepared for all upcoming tasks and developments within increasingly digitalized supply chains. The curriculum aims to teach modern leadership and management competencies with a strong emphasis on data analytics and engineering. This includes the analysis of data-driven business processes, the ability and the readiness to recognize the potential for change, the initiation of change processes and the successful design of those change processes.

Students are introduced to working with and within companies and very quickly develop professionally through feedback sessions. This facilitates and speeds up their career development and helps them to become valuable assets in the workforce within a short period of time.

Constructor University is an international university. Students gain practical intercultural competencies through joint activities and build up their confidence in an English-speaking work and study environment. One of the core abilities of internationally successful executives in any business area is a strong, confident appearance and communication ability in various cultural contexts.

By the end of this program, students will be able to:

  1. critically evaluate and apply the most important theories and methods of supply chain management, supplier relations and value creation to real life situations, organizations and industries;
  2. integrate new knowledge in complex supply chain contexts based on extensive data analytics;
  3. assess opportunities and risks in global supply networks;
  4. make scientifically substantiated and data-driven decisions in the context of SCM and logistics and critically reflect possible impacts on business, environment and society;
  5. independently investigate complex problems and develop new knowledge using both qualitative and quantitative methods;
  6. apply interdisciplinary approaches (esp. from data science and engineering as well as mathematics) to solve academic and professional problems;
  7. efficiently and effectively manage supply chain related projects in multicultural and diverse environments;
  8. detect conflict potentials and solve interpersonal issues in large projects;
  9. communicate clearly and professionally with experts from different disciplines in a variety of forms and moderate in interdisciplinary interaction;
  10. manage multicultural and diverse environments and effectively participate in mixed teams;
  11. use feedback on a continuous basis to develop and mature within their studies and beyond;
  12. quickly become acquainted with their work and hence start their career more easily because of the integration of theory and practice during their education;
  13. develop a professional self-perception based on goals and standards of professional actions in SCM; 
  14. justify their professional actions with methodical knowledge and develop alternative approaches for issues they face in managing supply chains;
  15. take responsibility for their own learning, personal development and role in society;
  16. adhere to and defend ethical, scientific and professional standards

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Supply Chain Management (online) Study program handbook Fall 2024

The worldwide exchange of goods, the mobility of people and the constant flow of information and ideas require expertise about transport chains and how exchange processes work, what design options are available and the ability to develop new methods to meet future challenges in an increasingly digitalized world. The primary goal of Supply Chain Management (SCM) is to achieve constant gains in competitive advantage and to organize the entire chain from strategy to implementation in the best possible way.

Supply chain management has constantly grown from an important instrument of operative optimization towards a strategic distinguishing feature in competition. Therefore, SCM is a key component in the performance of highly successful enterprises. It adds value for the company and its clients. Constant development, reconfiguration and optimization of companies’ supply chains are necessary to adapt to changing supply chain environments. However, this requires the consideration and interpretation of a large number of technological, product, process, geographical and structural data, information, and conditions and to derive situation-specific responses as well as anticipate future developments. Hence, well-trained leaders are needed who possess the ability to accurately position supply chain management as a strategic business function.

Developing and implementing such strategies calls for leaders who take on these challenges with a strong desire and ability to master them. Executives and project leaders require suitable methods to reduce and handle this ever-growing complexity. Therefore, they need a concrete understanding of the interdependencies between the supply chain elements and the growing amount of data exchanged between them. This is a prerequisite for the proper understanding of supply chains by means of data analytics and the application of methods and tools that help optimize cross-company coordination, processes and communication.

Target group

The program is designed for students of different professional, geographical and cultural backgrounds. Candidates with working experience and candidates currently employed in the free economy who are interested in gaining more theoretical knowledge are particularly addressed by the program.

Prior to admission, applicants have already completed their first degree or equivalent training in the disciplines of logistics, business administration, economics, engineering or information technology. Applicants with first degrees in other subject areas with a proven special affinity or strong interest in the topic and the desire for further master-level practical education are also welcome to apply. The program addresses young professionals with a few years of work experience who would like to focus or deepen their knowledge in the field of SCM and who are interested in an application-oriented course of study.

Admission requirements

The graduate program Supply Chain Management (online) requires students to hold at least a good Bachelor’s degree in the areas of business administration, logistics, economics, industrial engineering and management, or in information technology. Applicants need to prove a strong interest in the contents of the study program, to be explained in a motivation letter.

Social commitment as well as extracurricular and voluntary activities during undergraduate studies, e.g. university service, clubs, varsity, social work, etc. will be considered. Work experience (one to three years) is recommended but is not a prerequisite. Additionally, participants should possess elevated analytical, problem solving and verbal communication skills which must be substantiated in recommendation letters. Study at Constructor University takes place in a highly intercultural student body. It is therefore necessary to be willing to join such a multicultural-international community.

Admission to Constructor University is selective and based on a candidate’s university achievements, recommendations and self-presentation. Students admitted to Constructor University demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, intellectual creativity, and the desire and motivation to make a difference in the world.

The following documents need to be submitted with the application: 

  • Letter of motivation 
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) 
  • Official or certified copies of university transcripts 
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent 
  • Language proficiency test results (minimum score of 90 (TOEFL), 6.5 (IELTS) or 110 (Duolingo)) 
  • Copy of Passport
  • Letter of recommendation (optional)

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Key facts
€ 5,000
Tuition per academic year
Fall Intake 2024:
Classes start the first week of September
Students & Alumni
Lina Diaconu
Looking back, I regard the master studies as an effective “simulation project” of the real work-life that comes after graduation.
Lina Diaconu
Jack Reedy
Small classes, lots of contact with teachers.
Jack Reedy
School Focus: School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences

The study program Supply Chain Management is part of the School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences.

When considering the development of our modern global society, individuals are regarded as indivisible biological, psychological, and socially determined beings.

This area includes topics such as social cohesion, state systems, the preservation of social welfare, or the effects of regulatory systems on the individual, such as their impact on human rights. Diversity is thus regarded as a driving force behind development and progress.

Constructor University Spring 2024
Study Online on our Virtual Campus

Students are guided through their studies via the state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) provided by Constructor, leveraging an active approach to knowledge discovery.

Tutors and lecturers support our students in their learning through virtual study groups, peer evaluation, and mentoring. This is an online program with optional blended elements such as internships at our partner institutions to gain professional experience.

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