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Online programs
Frequently asked questions about Constructor University's new online programs.
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Yes. The online Master's and Bachelor's programs are regular university programs. The only difference is the teaching mode. 

This degree gives you access to the German Job Market. After graduation, you can apply for a 6-month job search visa, once you find a job, you can be granted a residence permit. You do have similar access in terms to access to the market as German citizens (for as long as you are paid a fair wage, you are entitled to work permit).

Constructor University awards Bachelor degrees which have for almost 20 years been recognized across the world by graduate schools and employers. However, since international students are not studying in person in Germany/Europe and do not have the same visa/residence permit status, extra efforts need to be undertaken to get access to the German/European job market, e.g., by looking for internship placements in these regions. Constructor University can provide support with potential internship offerings. Online students can also use the advantage of studying and engage in work or internships in their own home countries.

The online Master's and Bachelor's programs are regular university programs. The diploma is awarded in the same manner and it does not state the mode of teaching. Upon graduation, the student is awarded three different documents: Diploma, Diploma Supplement, and Transcript. The Diploma and Transcript do not mention the mode of teaching, the Diploma Supplement does.

Because the program is taught online and does not require on-campus presence, the issuing of visa to reside in Germany in the course of their studies cannot be guaranteed. However, if there are no visa limitations, you are free to reside also in Bremen to complete your online studies. Residence would then be off-campus. Upon request, Constructor University can support you in finding off-campus accommodation.

You will be invited to join the Graduation Ceremony but you need to arrange and pay for your travel. If you participate in the Graduation Ceremony and fulfill the graduation requirements by the deadline set by Student Registrar Services, you will receive the diploma awarded at the graduation ceremony. The diploma and diploma supplement are always issued later and sent to you.
And if you cannot participate in the graduation ceremony, the documents will be sent to you in physical form by mail.

There is no financing option for this program (scholarships, tuition deferral program and need-based aid are not applicable to this online program).