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Discover Alumni Support for Students

Discover Alumni Support for Students

The alumni community is closely intertwined with our current students as 1) they were once in your shoes and understand the unique nature of being a student at Constructor, and 2) all of our students are future alumni.

As a student, there are ways in which you can connect with alumni and gain support from the alumni community. We focus on fostering student/alumni interaction and introducing you to the expertise of our alumni through various programs which focus on career development, mentoring, and financial support.

Start building your success story now by connecting with our amazing alumni network. Don't wait until graduation – engage with experienced professionals, gain insights into your field, and discover the secrets to success through the following:

Current students can start developing their own alumni network either during their studies or even before they step foot on campus.

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Constructor Alumni
Constructor Alumni
Career support

Students are encouraged to connect with Constructor Alumni on LinkedIn and can search to connect with likeminded alumni. 

Not sure how to use the search functions on LinkedIn? Utilize our tutorial to find alumni at specific companies.

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The Alumni Office sponsors regular Alumni Career Talks, which feature alumni speaking on a common topic while providing insight into their personal career journeys. Some of past topics have included: 

  • Clean and Green: Careers in Sustainability 
  • Alternative routes to the top: Non-traditional career paths 
  • University extracurriculars give you an “edge” 
  • Career Prep in a time of COVID 
  • Specific major-focused (i.e. GEM, MCCB, IEM) talks for students

Since you experienced the support from the Career Center during your studies, it's also available for you as an alumni. You can always check it for counseling and support, as you have access to JobTeaser also as an alumni.

We are excited to introduce JobTracker, a powerful tool to streamline your job search. Whether changing careers or advancing in your field, helps you stay organized by tracking applications, deadlines, and interviews in one place. As valued alumni, this platform supports your career management every step of the way. Explore JobTracker  today and take control of your career journey!

Mentoring program

Since 2017, over 600 students and alumni have participated in the Alumni Mentoring Program. Learn more about the program and how you can benefit from an alumni Mentor.

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Constructor Alumni
Financial Support

Through the support of the alumni community, both the Alumni Association and CUFA provide financial assists to students in their academic pursuits at Constructor.

The Alumni Association grants annual scholarships to first-year students through the Alumni Scholarship Fund. Working with the Admission’s Department, admitted students are short-listed using criteria set-forth by the AA. The students then have the opportunity to submit application materials for the scholarship and the recipients are announced prior to the start of the academic year.

CUFA currently grants two scholarships: 

  1. The Claus Haale Scholarship which supports American students studying at Constructor. CUFA is looking for 2nd year students that have demonstrated a vision for how their time at Constructor prepares them to be their best selves driving change into the world. 
  2. The Ronny Wells Scholarship which is granted to a boundary spanner. CUFA is looking for a 2nd year student who displays the tenacity, optimism, and worldview exhibited by university founding father, Dr. Raymond Wells, connecting people across silos to create something new. 

As with the AA, CUFA works with the Admission’s Department to identify candidates for the scholarships.


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Alumni President

Cornelia ScheitzDr. Cornelia Scheitz (2007)
Beyond the Pond Alumni Association
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