Campus life

Campus life
Become part of a global community

Constructor University Students come from all over the world to live and learn at Constructor University. Our student body represents 120 nations. They form an ambitious campus community whose internationality is unprecedented in Europe. Constructor University’s green and tree-shaded 80-acre campus provides much more than buildings for teaching and research.

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Share memories for a lifetime

Constructor University does not only offer an excellent academic education but also many opportunities for student activities outside of the classroom. The variety of over 50 student clubs and more than 100 student-driven events during the year such as cultural festivals like the Deepavali Festival of Lights or Chinese New Year, and educational events like Country Information Days, are the hallmark of our vibrant campus community.

An important component of Constructor University's educational mission is to foster student growth and development of interpersonal and intercultural competencies which are increasingly important in an interconnected globalized world.

Enjoy the variety of campus activities

On-campus everything is within easy reach: A Student Activities Center, various sports facilities, a cinema, a music studio, a student-run café /bar, concert venues, and our Interfaith House ensure that you will always have something interesting to do. 

  • Arts
    The arts scene is a vibrant part of student life at Constructor University. Facilities such as TheaterSpace and MusicLab – created and built by students – bring together students who want to be a part of the performing arts. From concerts by J-Capella, the university choir, to theater plays and annual big shows like “Piano to Forte”, the “Oriental Dance Show” or the “Spotlight” talent show to the Culinary Club – there is something for everyone’s artistic side. Visual arts are also catered for with the Art Club hosting exhibitions like the Art Fest with live performances and interactive showcases.

  • Sports
    Constructor supports sports activities, featuring football, basketball, rowing, rugby, cricket, crossfit, cheerleading, and volleyball to name a few. The Sports and Convention Center houses four multi-purpose sports halls, a recreation/fitness center, and a rowing tank. Constructor University offers a wide variety of physical activities to recharge your mental batteries. If you just want to stay fit, you can work out at the gym, go swimming, or join fitness groups such as zumba or yoga
    We also have outdoor soccer and basketball fields, tennis and volleyball courts as well as access to an indoor pool. Sports activities are organized into recreational clubs and official university teams that compete in local leagues. The most spirited events are on campus though, with the Constructor Games and the Inter-continental Football Tournament.

  • Community
    Diversity is at the heart of the Constructor University community. There are more than 50 student clubs and societies that engage in social, political, academic, and entrepreneurial activities. They include such diverse topics as the Bremen Model United Nations, the Debating Society, the Refugee Support Network and the student newspaper. Some groups provide an opportunity to discuss and share information related to a specific major or academic discipline like the Logistics Chain Club, Constructor's Physics Student Society, or the Computer Science club.
    Every day is different at Constructor University with countless events on offer to explore our cultural differences and to foster mutual understanding for our campus community and external guests.

  • Personal Development
    What binds all these extracurricular activities is a chance for students to be engaged and become responsible community members from the first day they arrive. All Campus Life activities are driven by students and born out of creativity, initiative, and passion to make things happen. Inspiration is not only a place, but a way of life at Constructor University.

Clubs at Constructor University

American Football, Badminton, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Chess Club, Climbing Club, CrossFit, Frisbee Club, Hockey Club (Field Hockey), Kickboxing Club, Outdoor Club, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Constructor's Indoor Soccer, Constructor's Pool, Martial Arts, Netball Club, Rowing Club, Running Club, Skate Club, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Volleyball (mixed), Yoga

Ballet, Campus Crew (Hip Hop Club), Fire and Flow Dancing Club, Oriental Dance, Cheerleading /Drill Club

Art Club, Dead Poets Society, J-Cappella, Music Club, Photo & Video Club, Piano, Pottery Club, Theater Club, Film Club

Aeronautics Club, Astronomical Society, Community of Innovations and Technologies, Constructor's Life Sciences Society, Entrepreneur and Consulting Club, Girls who code, Google Developer Student Club, iGEM Bremen, Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Society, Investment Banking & Capital Markets Society, Constructor's Chemistry Student Society, Constructor's Math Club, Constructor's Physics Student Society, Society of Tech, Entrepreneurship and Multi-Business Implementation, Tech Club (Computer Science), Women in STEM

African Heritage Society, Amnesty International, Board Games, Catholic Community, Christian Fellowship, Environmental Club, Explore Bremen, Global China Connection, IRPH Society, Constructor's MUN, Constructor University Historical Society, Constructor's University Muslim Association, Kicks & Chill, Motorsports Club, Refugee Support Network, Rotaract Club Constructor, Spectrum, Strike JUB - Fashion, Art & Culture Magazine, Constructor's student newspaper

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Our campus life in a nutshell
  • Grow and learn outside of the classroom
  • Explore arts, sports, community experiences
  • Make use of new and creative facilities
  • Become an engaged and responsible member of the community you live in

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is the official representation of undergraduate and pre-degree students at Constructor University.

The USG is the voice of the students, bringing forward all concerns, problems and questions students have.

Additionally, the USG administers the student budget and funds most of the student-led events that happen on campus.

As the official representation of the students, the USG represents the students interests not only through the University committees, but also by meeting members of the University Leadership and administration on a regular basis. The USG is open to all student's it represents and welcomes new members at all times!

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Contact Us
You can reach out to the president and vice-president as well as the parliamentarians at all times. We are always open for your input and feedback on our proceedings.

There are numerous different channels of communication available to you:

How to bring an issue to our attention:

  1. Send your point to The USG President or USG PR, or
  2. Come to the Meetings

All information on the Undergraduate Student Government can be found on our internal Teamwork page.


The Graduate Student Association (GSA) helps:

  • Represent the graduate student community of Constructor University before the respective bodies inside as well as outside the university.  
  • Promote and support the initiatives of the graduate student body of Constructor University.  
  • Protect the interests of the graduate student body of Constructor University and guarantee their rights (as stated by local law and university policies) are respected by the different organs within the university.  
  • Enhance and improve the academic and social life of the graduate student body of Constructor University.
  • Promote academic, cultural, and social exchange between graduate students at Constructor University and external student bodies.  

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