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Research Transfer

Research Transfer
Building bridges between science and business

Solutions for companies

Companies from medium-size to large corporate business units benefit from interdisciplinary teams of experts at Constructor University’s research departments: Choose the right customized option for a joint development, research cooperation or knowledge transfer.

Boost innovation through interdisciplinary excellence
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Take advantage of interdisciplinary skills in a wide variety of fields of an international campus university, where scientists of different disciplines and research areas work together in highly-innovative research centers.

Explore further business opportunities: Constructor University cooperates with more than 1.000 partners worldwide in the field of science and business to offer companies with limited resources and capacities access to world-class research and technology transfer.

Fast-track your outcomes to deliver products and services to markets efficiently and effectively. Save costs and mitigate liabilities on your technology roadmap to develop marketable innovations by outsourcing parts of your R+D projects to leading experts in the field.
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Your options for joint research & technology transfer

Select your tailored customized solutions to meet the individual challenges of your business or enterprise and take the next step towards pioneering innovations:

  • Constructor University works closely with your R+D to develop joint projects throughout the development of new products, new processes and new technologies.
  • Introduce business innovations and bring forward technologies belonging to the latest science findings and research in markets through the launch of new products and services. This is presented by “Licensing Innovations” which are already developed on Constructor University campus.
  • Engage your company in international programs as joint interdisciplinary initatives supportet by EU or BMBF ( Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung).

Constructor University’s research projects are funded by the German Research Foundation and the European Research Council, as well as by globally leading organizations, aiming at organic growth through product innovations.

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Why choose us?
Devise your effective solutions in research and development, tailormade and customized on the basis of: Your individual requirements, your objectives and targets, your budgets and your timelines.
Implement cost efficiencies by outsourcing segments of R+D, resulting from infrastructural and process efficiencies. Access the latest results in research and state-of-the-art innovations. Thrive on resources and expertise in a wide array of relevant fields, promoting an interdisciplinary concept across academic disciplines and regions.
Observe your project development with the support of an allocated project manager throughout the entire project-cycle. The team at Constructor University Business Solutions is always glad to support your projects in consulting, developing, training, and execution.
We are, of course, speaking English and German.
Invest in the future of your business, specifically in innovation, creativity and technology to achieve business growth, particularly during economically challenging times. Meanwhile, get in touch with first class graduates of Constructor University and establish a valuable network to recruit young talents.
Constructor University is continuously archiving top results in national and international university rankings. Research and innovation projects are funded by the German Research Foundation and the European Research Council, as well as by globally leading companies and organizations.