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Online Programs for Organizations

Online Programs for Organizations
Upskill your workforce and gain a competitive edge
Encouraging Online Degree Programs: A Strategic Advantage for Organizations

In today's fast-paced and competitive business environment, organizations benefit significantly from encouraging their employees to pursue online degree programs. These programs offer flexible, cost-effective avenues for professional development, enabling your employees to acquire new skills and knowledge that directly enhance their performance and innovation capabilities. By investing in your employees' education, organizations not only foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement but also boost morale and loyalty, leading to higher retention rates and a more skilled, adaptable workforce.

Bachelor's degrees

  • Applied Computer Science
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • International Business Administration

Master's degrees

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science for Society and Business
  • Supply Chain Management

Application Process
  1. Reach out below or directly to for your company package.
  2. We only need from the employees:
    Passport / National ID Card Scan | High School / University Diploma | University Transcripts/Report Cards | Curriculum Vitae (CV) | Proof of English Proficiency (Optional)
  3. They will receive the decision within 2 weeks.
  4. Pay deposit and get enrolled.
  5. Start of online orientation week for the students.
Fees - preferential rates

Contact us today to learn more about our special fee concessions for organisations including discounts for group enrollments.

Your Benefits
Flexible Solutions
Our degrees are fully online giving your employees the flexibility to follow lectures and complete assignments at places and times that suit them.
All programs are taught by world renowned academics and top professionals.
Extensive Academic Support
Each online module has an academic tutor who offers synchronous study sessions in addition to the asynchronous lectures.
Constructor Group Ecosystem
Our global community of 9,000+ science, education, business & tech experts gives your employees a valuable network of contacts and opens doors to new opportunities for your organization.
Bachelor’s degrees
Industrial Engineering & Management 
Develop a comprehensive understanding of both management and engineering within the business context. You will study a wide range of subjects, including process engineering, operations research, supply chain management, engineering design, logistics, and project management.
International Business Administration
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the essential components of international business and management, including management practices, information technology, and the global economic and cultural context.
Applied Computer Science
Develop skills in software engineering and programming, as well as in relevant areas of modern computer science including artificial intelligence, data analysis, and machine learning.
Master’s degrees
Supply Chain Management
Equip yourself with the tools and insights required to construct and maintain high-performance and resilient global logistics systems in a highly intercultural context.
Data Engineering Technologies
Gain a comprehensive understanding of big data aspects within Data Analytics and Data Science, along with the technological challenges associated with data acquisition, curation, and management.
Data Science for Society and Business
Acquire state-of-the-art competences, tools, and methodologies that enable you to engage in discussions, model, predict, and address the pressing challenges posed by digital societies, modern organizations, and competitive businesses.
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