corporate stipend program

Corporate Stipend Program

Corporate Stipend Program
Supporting and attracting international talents to support your dynamic growth plans and future challenges

Add young talents with the right competence and profile to match your HR plans

Our Corporate Stipend Program helps you attract high potentials from around the world at an early stage. The program is designed to foster a close relationship between the talents and your company from the outset. Students are supported exclusively by you during a bachelor’s or master’s program with integrated practical experience.  

You determine your requirements profile – we use our global contacts to find the perfect candidate.

We choose students who perfectly match your requirements profile. The earlier and the better they get to know your company, the more they identify with you:

The Stipend Program at a glance:

Your Company

  • Defines the profile for future top performers (focus region / field)
  • Selects stipend holders from the pool we suggest
  • Offers internships (bachelor’s program: four to six months, master’s program: three months)
  • And may offer graduates positions immediately following graduation – with the option of formally commited stipend holders to accepting positions

Constructor University

  • Uses its worldwide contacts and recruits high potentials – specifically for your company
  • Gives them a practically oriented education in a two-year master’s or three-year bachelor’s program
  • Prepares students for internships with your company
  • And coordinates a mentoring program, giving you exclusive access to support and guide students

Our Young Talents

  • Complete the bachelor’s or master’s program
  • Commit to four-to-six-month or three-month internships with your company depending on the degree
  • Have the opportunity to write their final papers on a topic relevant to your company
  • And commit to accepting positions in your company straight after graduation (optional)

How your company benefits

  • Recruitment of talents that precisely match your requirements
  • Guarantee of a first-class, practically oriented university education – including an extensive internship with your company
  • Specific guidance of the stipend holders through the mentoring program
  • Early and continuous bond developed between talents and your company
  • Room and board are provided
  • Constructor University is fully responsible for the coordination
  • Stipend holders prepare their final papers on topics relevant to your company
  • Opportunity to hire talents immediately after graduation – and gain contractual commitment in advance
  • Free recruitment marketing and presentation of your company on Constructor University platforms
  • Reduced rates for participation at recruitment events hosted by Constructor University

What distinguishes our students?

  • They come from a wide range of countries and cultural backgrounds
  • They embrace an international perspective in life
  • They are exceptionally motivated and performance-oriented
  • They learn in an open, transdisciplinary and creative environment where teamwork skills are decisive
  • They benefit from excellent degree programs (top CHE rankings)
  • They are educated by top international faculty
  • They acquire experience in practical work and research from the outset
  • They can be placed globally following graduation
  • And they can draw on Constructor University’s global alumni network
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Please contact us for further information:

Claudia Spieker

Corporate Relations and Talent Programs Officer
-Outreach & International Development-

Tel: +49 421 200-4235