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School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences

From Neurons to the Global Economy and Societies: The School of Business, Social and Decision Sciences at Constructor University conducts research spanning the entire spectrum of human behavior, encompassing psychology, social sciences, humanities, business, logistics, and economics.

Professors and lecturers
Professor of Social Science Methodology
Associate Professor of Sociology
Distinguished Lecturer in Supply Chain Management
Distinguished Lecturer for Socio-Cultural Change
Lecturer in Psychology & Methods
Distinguished Lecturer in Industrial Engineering
Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Professor of Neuroscience
Professor of Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology
Senior Lecturer in Methods and Social Sciences
Associate Professor of Business Administration and Information Management
Professor of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
Assistant Professor in Social Data Science
Distinguished Lecturer
Senior Lecturer in Management
Privatdozent of Economics
Business & Economics
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Assistant Professor of Management Science and Business Analytics
Kooperationsprofessor (ZMT) Professor of Social Systems and Ecological Economics
Assistant Professor of Global Economics and Management
Associate Professor of Political Science
Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour
Associate Professor of Chinese Economy and Society
Distinguished Lecturer in History
Associate Professor of Logistics Engineering, Technologies, and Processes
Kooperationsprofessur Professor of Quantitative Methods
Professor of Political Science
Professor of Business Administration
Associate Professor of Statistics
Professor of Art and Art History
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Adjunct professors and adjunct lecturers
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor of Comparative Literature Studies (Wisdom-Professorship)
Adjunct Professor for Energy Economics
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor ("Honorarprofessur") of Economics
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor of Project Management Concepts
Adjunct Professor in Law and African Studies
Adjunct Professor in Psychology
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Adjunct Professor of Distribution Logistics & Advanced
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor of Empirical Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Adjunct Professor of Logistics