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School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences

School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences

Arvid Kappas

Dean, Professor of Psychology


From Neurons to the Global Economy and Societies: The School of Business, Social and Decision Sciences at Constructor University conducts research spanning the entire spectrum of human behavior, encompassing psychology, social sciences, humanities, business, logistics, and economics.

Below you find the overview of our faculty including the professors with research field as well as lecturers with their main field of teachingour adjunct staff, PhD students, and researchers (soon), and the programs offered by the school.


Our professors and lecturers with their research groups and teaching field, respectively.

Political Socialization
Well-Being and Social Data Science
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Political Science
Lecturer for Quantitative Reseach Methods
Emerging Technologies in Industrial Engineering (EITIE)
Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Behavioral and Aging Neuroscience
Senior Lecturer in Industrial Engineering and Management | Supply Chain Analytics | Operations Research
Emotion, Cognition, and Social Context Lab (X Lab)
Socio-Cultural Psychology
Gender, Health, & Society
Information Management, Innovation and International Business (I3)
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
Data-driven Agent-based Modeling in Computational Social Science
Information Systems and Business
The Entrepreneurial Process
Privatdozent of Economics
Business & Economics
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
SME Decision Science & Innovation Research Group (SME-DSIRG)
Kooperationsprofessor (ZMT) Professor of Social Systems and Ecological Economics
Digital and Sustainable Accounting and Finance Research Group
Political Science: International Energy and Resource Governance Sustainability Transitions
Digital Assistants for Individualised Learning Systems (DAISy)
Professor of Chinese Economy and Society
Distinguished Lecturer in History
Deputy Study Program Chair "International Relations: Politics and History" (IRPH)
Logistics Engineering and Technologies Group
Decarbonizing mobility
Complex Problems, Plural Rationality, and Public Policy
Business Administration
Data-Driven and Collaborative Decision Making in Complex Industrial Systems
Statistical Learning and Data Science
Adjunct Professor in Supply Chain Engineering
History and Theory of Art
Cultural Influences on Human Cognition
Adjunct professors and adjunct lecturers
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor of Comparative Literature Studies (Wisdom-Professorship)
Bremen Energy Research
Adjunct Professor
Head of Observatory of Higher Education Innovations
Adjunct Professor ("Honorarprofessur") of Economics
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor of Project Management Concepts
Adjunct Professor in Law and African Studies
Adjunct Professor of Distribution Logistics & Advanced
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor of Empirical Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Adjunct Professor of Logistics