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As an incoming study abroad/exchange student you can create your own program of courses from our course catalog (below), or you can choose from a pre-selected study track.

All study abroad/exchange students are guaranteed access to not only the courses from the course catalog but also the tailor-made social science electives. These electives have been created specifically with study abroad/exchange students in mind, to complement their program of study.

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When travel is possible, the bespoke courses include excursions around Europe. To support classroom learning, students will have the opportunity to visit research sights such as the Red Cross and CERN in Geneva, the Charité in Berlin, or the European Parliament in Brussels.

When travel is not possible, these meetings are conducted virtually still allowing students the opportunity to meet, learn, and understand European policy and systems of governance from experts within their field.

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You're only 3 steps away from studying abroad!

Step 1: Speak with your home university's Study Abroad/Exchange Office

Each university will have its own internal processes for students to complete before participating in a study abroad/exchange program. It's important that you speak to your home university to find out what it is, and how you can complete it correctly.

If your university is not a partner with us, that's also ok! We often welcome students as 'free-movers'. You should still discuss with your home university how this will work for things like grade transfers and tuition fees.

Step 2: Check the courses and programs available

As long as you have completed the pre-requisites, as a study abroad/exchange student, you have access to all the courses available in the course catalog.

Remember, we also have study tracks available, you should want your courses confirmed before arrival:

Biotechnology / Chemical Engineering

Computer Science

Environmental Sciences

Health Sciences


Step 3: Complete the application

Following the completion of steps 1 and 2 it's time to apply! Create an account on CampusNet and complete the application when you have the documents available. Please ensure to submit your University's nomination by the deadlines:
Fall deadline: March 15
Spring deadline: October 15
If you have had issues or last-minute changes with your program due to unforeseen circumstances we can extend the deadline period on an ad-hoc basis

Apply now

*Set up an account with our CampusNet and log in, select and save Incoming Study Abroad as the Program Choice, in the Current Application options click Apply to Incoming Study Abroad. You can upload all documents electronically.


We generally require a GPA of the equivalent of a 3.0 in the USA scale or a B grade average otherwise. We trust our partners to send us students who are hard workers and determined, so if you have a grade below this but your university can vouch for you, we will consider your application.

This will depend on the type of program. If you are coming as an Exchange or Erasmus student, the cost of tuition is waived, however, local costs such as room & board, and general fees apply.

If you are coming as a study abroad student, you will need to speak to your home university on how costs are handled. Sometimes the student pays us directly, or sometimes you will simply pay your university as normal and the university will pay us directly.

All costs can be found here.
*Please note that these fees are listed for a full year, so make the adjustments accordingly

The deadline for your University to nominate you to come study at Constructor University is March 15th. Once you are nominated you have till April 15th to complete your application via CampusNet.

Please create an account on CampusNet and check out all the forms required. Depending on your home university some forms may not be required. However, every document must be in pdf form, and even if a document is waived, there must be a 'place-holder' document uploaded saying 'waived' in order for our system to process it. Please reach out to your home university or us directly to find out if any forms are waived for your program.

You can check out the course listings either here on CampusNet and check out the Program Handbooks here.

You should choose courses from the latest Fall/Spring catalog already available. Most courses are the same every Fall/Spring semester. There are sometimes some minor changes that you can adjust when you get to Constructor University during the add/drop period.

After completing the application, the international office will contact you within the next month with a decision on your application and a list of the required documentation.

If you would like to transfer your studies to Constructor University, or participate in a degree-seeking program, please visit this side.

To live in Germany, you must have a valid health insurance. We strongly recommend the German public health insurance as it covers you in all cases and emergencies. If you already have a European Health insurance card (EHIC), then you do not need to be insured in Germany. More information under Health Insurance.

While excursions have been paired back, and some programs have been adjusted due to COVID, no programs have been canceled. Please check the main website for all the up to date COVID FAQs.

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will receive regular contact from the International Programs Office and our Study Abroad Advisor as well as our Student Assistants. You will also be invited to participate in an online Pre-departure session about a month or two before you depart for Germany.

Please reach out to:

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