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Language & community center

Welcome to the language and community center!

Foreign language competence and local project management experience foster students’ intercultural awareness and enhance their employability in a globalized and interconnected world.

The language and community center supports the students in acquiring and improving these skills by offering a unique approach to foreign language courses and community impact projects. Emphasis is put on fostering German language skills and cultural knowledge, as they are an important prerequisite for students to learn about, explore, and understand their host country.

With the community impact projects taking place in local NGOs, educational institutions or businesses, Constructor University students have the possibility to apply their intercultural skills directly and take on social responsibility in their neighborhood and the Bremen region.

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Learning languages
Constructor University supports its students in acquiring and improving their skills by offering various language courses.
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Community Impact Project
With the initiative “CIP”, Constructor University students in their fifth semester engage in major-related projects for the benefit of the community to create positive change.