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Data Engineering Technologies

Data Engineering Technologies
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Program overview

Today we are “drowning in data and starving for information,” while acknowledging that “data is the new gold”. However, deriving value from all the data now available requires a transformation in data analysis. Data Engineering is an emerging profession concerned with the task of acquiring large collections of data and extracting insights from them. It is driving the next generation of technological innovation and scientific discovery, which is expected to be strongly data-driven.

Our online graduate program in Data Engineering Technologies is taught by the School of Computer Science & Engineering. Students gain a fascinating and profound insight into the methods and technologies of this rapidly growing area. The program combines the big data aspects of “Data Analytics” and “Data Science” with the technological challenges of data acquisition, curation, and management via databases and warehouses, big data pipelines, and cloud computing.

Degree and ECTS points: Master of Science, 120 ECTS

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Program aims and structure


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Online Teaching

Constructor University online study programs focus on the holistic learning success of students and offer a variety of synchronous and asynchronous formats that align with problem- and project-based learning.

The online master program in DET applies proven and effective teaching and learning modalities that engage distance learners and support a vibrant learning community. This means that students participate in online courses with predominantly asynchronous lectures and learning activities that are complemented by synchronous tutorials and hands-on sessions.

Students are guided and supported by faculty as well as experienced tutors and lecturers to transfer acquired knowledge into practice. The hands-on elements include dedicated collaboration with other students using tools and concepts that enable distributed work from different places and different time-zones, including remote access to physical devices and set-ups.

Students enrolled in online study programs will find their course materials such as videos, case studies, scholarly articles, websites, podcasts, online games etc. on a Learning Management Software (LMS) platform provided by Constructor University.

Study Program Chair
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
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Study program's aims and structure

The program aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the essential aspects of data-based decision-making and the skills required to apply and implement these powerful methods in a successful and responsible manner. Apart from the necessary programming skills, this comprises:

  • methods of data acquisition both from the internet and from sensors;
  • methods to efficiently store and access data in large and distributed data bases;
  • statistical model building including a wide range of data mining methods, signal processing, and machine learning techniques;
  • visualization of relevant information;
  • construction and use of confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and sensitivity analyses; 
  • know the legal foundations of data engineering;
  • methods to ensure data security and privacy;
  • awareness of the societal and ethical implications of digitization;
  • scientific qualification;
  • competence to take up qualified employment in Data Engineering;
  • competence for responsible involvement in society; 
  • personal growth.

By the end of the online program students will be able to:

  1. critically assess and creatively apply technological possibilities and innovations driven by big data;
  2. acquire data from sensors and use microcontrollers to process  data and to transmit them to databases on servers or the internet in general;
  3. set up and use databases to efficiently and securely manage and access large amounts of data;
  4. apply statistical concepts and use statistical models in the context of data analytics; 
  5. use, adapt and improve visualization techniques to support data-based decision-making;
  6. design, implement and exploit various representations of data for classification and regression including supervised machine learning methods and core ideas of deep learning; 
  7. apply and critically assess data acquisition methods and analytical techniques in  practical scenarios  in organizations and companies;
  8. independently investigate complex problems and undertake scientific or applied research into a specialist area utilizing appropriate methods, also taking methods and insights of other disciplines into account; 
  9. professionally communicate their conclusions and recommendations, the underlying information and their reasons to both specialists and non-specialists, both clearly and unambiguously based on the state of research and application; 
  10. assess and communicate social, scientific and ethical insights that also derive from the application of their knowledge and their decisions; 
  11. engage ethically with the academic, professional and wider communities and actively contribute to a sustainable future;
  12. take responsibility for their own learning, personal development, and role in society, evaluating critical feedback and self-analysis;
  13. adhere to and defend ethical, scientific and professional standards. 

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Data Engineering Technologies (online) Study program handbook Fall 2024
Target group

The Data Engineering Technologies program is targeted towards students who have completed their BSc in computer science, physics, applied mathematics, statistics, electrical engineering, communications engineering, or related disciplines, and who want to deepen their knowledge with a Application-oriented master’s degree or ultimately a PhD.

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Admissions Requirements

The Data Engineering Technologies graduate program requires students to hold a bachelor’s degree. Applicants need to prove a strong interest in the contents of the study program in a motivation letter.

Additionally, participants should possess elevated analytical, problem solving and verbal communication skills which must be substantiated in recommendation letters.

Admission to Constructor University is selective and based on a candidate’s university achievements, recommendations and self-presentation. Students admitted to Constructor University demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, intellectual creativity, and the desire and motivation to make a difference in the world. 

The following documents need to be submitted with the application: 

  • Letter of motivation 
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) 
  • Official or certified copies of university transcripts 
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent 
  • Language proficiency test results (minimum score of 90 (TOEFL), 6.5 (IELTS) or 110 (Duolingo)). 
  • Copy of Passport 
  • Letter of recommendation (optional) 

Key facts

€ 5,000
Tuition per academic year
Fall Intake 2024:
Classes start the first week of September
School Focus: School of Computer Science & Engineering

The program is embedded into the School of Computer Science and Engineering at Constructor University. This school investigates the mobility of people, goods, and information. Even though the Data Engineering program is centered in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, it includes contributions from and supports applications in the two other research schools: The School of Science, and the School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences.

Constructor University Spring 2024
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Students are guided through their studies via the state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) provided by Constructor, leveraging an active approach to knowledge discovery.

Tutors and lecturers support our students in their learning through virtual study groups, peer evaluation, and mentoring. This is an online program with optional blended elements such as internships at our partner institutions to gain professional experience.

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