Each college has its own Resident Mentor committed to ensuring the health and interpersonal, academic, and social well-being of our students.

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All colleges on our beautiful green campus are home to students of mixed nationalities and cultures. As our pre-degree or undergraduate student, you will live in your own furnished room within a modern two-bedroom apartment unit sharing bathroom facilities with another student.

Constructor University students dining
Each college has its own servery, where you can enjoy international cuisine with your fellow peers.

 Dining services

There are study areas, group meeting rooms, and a recreational lounge in every college.

Once you have been accepted to Constructor University, you can give your preference in which of the four colleges you would like to live in; as well as which room type.

Room types

student apartment
Become a team player and put your college into the lead

Over the course of the years, each college community has developed its own character, its own version of a real ‘home away from home’. Students feel especially connected to their home college and their college mates, a spirit that can be felt particularly during sports and art competitions.

Each of the colleges also organizes a wide variety of student-driven events during the year such as large cultural festivals like the Deepawali Festival of Lights or Chinese New Year, and educational events like the Global Issues Forum or Country Information Days.

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One of the smaller colleges with a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.
Popular among students who are involved in the arts.
College III
The place to be, with a sociable and athletic community.
The biggest and newest college with a calm and friendly community.
Pre-degree and undergraduate students
Giving you “a home away from home”

At Constructor University we are dedicated to offer you a comfortable and exciting ‘home away from home’ for you: a place to live, to learn, to personally grow – and to have fun.

As an undergraduate or pre-degree student you will learn and live on our beautiful campus accommodated in one of our four residential colleges.  Each college has its own spirit and a 24/7 Resident Mentor, strongly committed to ensure the health and interpersonal, academic, and social well-being of our students.

university students
Students outside

Living on campus together with students from more than 120 nations is a key element of our unique 4C academic education model, which academically and personally prepares young students for growing independence, intercultural competence, and global professional perspectives.

On our beautiful and secured university campus you can find lecture halls, research laboratories, excellent sports facilities, the campus theater and cinema, as well as the student bar and café within easy reach.

From your first day on you will be part of the close-knit Constructor University community. Meeting all the world in one place, you will broaden your horizons, make memories for a lifetime and find your position in a culturally diverse community. Becoming part of the global and positive Constructor University ‘family’, you will soon feel at home.

Graduate students


Catching the Constructor University spirit while enjoying off-campus living in Bremen


Accommodation on campus is prioritized for pre-degree and undergraduate students. For graduate students, Constructor University maintains a sufficient contingent of off-campus student accommodation in the city of Bremen. You can book through Constructor University and benefit from our housing care services. The Housing fee for accommodation for one academic year (approx. 12 months) is 5.500 Euro. During the application process, you can decide whether you would like to use these university services or prefer to find an individual accommodation on your own.

As a member of the Constructor University community you have free of charge access to all campus facilities including the excellent sports facilities, the campus theater and cinema, music studio and Student Activities Center. You can fully participate in all student activities, the rich campus club life and countless events, while enjoying the freedom of independent student life in the exciting student city Bremen. In addition, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) offers a framework for social and professional activities to all graduate students. Our four serveries and the campus coffee bar are also open to you as a graduate student.

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Student accommodation in the city of Bremen – 284 rooms in 101 apartments available.

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