Mercator College

Mercator College was the second college to be built on campus and started with a bang in 2003 with a capacity to host 191 students. Most students live in a double apartment with their own bedroom but share a bathroom with one other student. There are also 19 single apartments with private bathroom facilities in the college.

All students have access to well-equipped laundry facilities in the basements of each block, kitchens on each floor, and common spaces such as the servery, the multimedia room, the quiet study area and the common and games room where you can chill, relax and socialize over some friendly games such as ping pong, table soccer, air hockey and darts.

mercator outside
mercator outside
mercator outside
Mercator College: Blue community with the MerCAT as a mascot

Mercator College is home to the MerCat! The college color is blue, giving a hint to the coolness and calmness Mercator has to offer. Mercator is known for being artsy and for its more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, especially because of the hammocks at the common room. It is the home to not only a diverse student body but a student body with diverse talents (artists, musicians, dancers, and photographers).
Mercator is excited to welcome enthusiastic Mercats who are ready to shape and make it their home away from home.


mercator mascot
Quick facts:

➜ Opened in 2003
➜ Accommodating 191 students
➜ Private furnished bedroom with shared bathroom facilities
➜ 19 single rooms with private bathroom facilities
➜ Mascot: MerCat

Adilah Ponnurangam
Mercator College resident mentor: Dr. Adilah Ponnurangam

Adilah Ponnurangam is the Resident Mentor of Mercator starting June 2019. Adilah is from Tanzania and knows Constructor quite well: She did both her BSc and her PhD here at Constructor University. During her graduate and PhD studies she served as Resident Associate, and long ago she was a Mercatorian herself all through her 3 years as an undergrad student. She lives in the college with her husband Martin and two children Akeelah (3) and Aliyah (9 months).  
Adilah has a rich and diverse background, having worked on four continents with international students in a variety of ways, be it socially or scientifically, and is passionate about propagating the Mercator College spirit of being the ‘home away from home’ for students from diverse backgrounds. She is also looking forward to using her experience mentoring and assisting students navigate their time here at Constructor.

“Being a Mercatorian (or having ‘blue blood’) is a very special thing. The Mercator community is a very inviting, accepting and tolerant one where everyone can feel at home. I also look forward to using my experiences, expertise and passion to mentor and assist students navigate their time here at Jacobs University. “

Dr. Adilah Ponnuragam, Mercator College Resident Mentor

Events organized by Mercator

Mercator is known for hosting events like the ‘Mercatorstraße’, which is an open-air mini festival that takes place in the spring semester with a different theme every year. They had their own version of ‘Coachella’ in 2019 which was well attended and lots of fun. Mercator also hosts events like ‘The Vernissage’ which is a thematic art competition and exhibition. Additionally, there are smaller events in forms of ‘cheer-ups’ which take place during the exam periods to ‘cheer up’ and help the students relax and get more fuel to study for the exams (e.g. ‘Poetry Slam Night’ and ‘Improv Night’). Mercator also hosts the Oktoberfest Party to give a taste of Southern German culture.