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School of Computer Science & Engineering

The School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) engages in education and research in the Foundations of Digital Transformation. Digitalization is affecting business and economies as well as academic work and disciplines in profound ways, offering both challenges and opportunities. Transformational Technologies linked to digitalization include e.g., Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotics and Automation, Big Data Management and Analytics, Computer Security, Electronics and Communications Technologies.

Professors and lecturers
Professor of Computer Science, specializing in Array Databases / Datacubes
Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Distinguished Lecturer of Electrical Engineering
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Associate Professor for Complex Systems
Lecturer of Data Science and Software Technology

Distinguished Lecturer of Computer Science
Assistant Professor in Marine Systems with focus on Marine Robotics
Professor of Applied Mathematics, Data Science and Computing
Professor of Computer Science
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Lecturer in Computer Science
Adjunct professors and lecturers
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics