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Bachelor of Science – Undergraduate program

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A new program combining the latest in Software Development, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and the best from JetBrains’ expertise.
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Jumpstart your career with the BSc Data Science and Software Development (DSSD) program, designed with the global leading tool provider for developers JetBrains. This is a powerful program to prepare talents to become tomorrow’s elites in software development, programming languages, data analysis, and ML.

You will benefit from the latest insights and knowledge from top industry partners and get the right skills needed for these rapidly changing industries.

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The program will provide you with a strong foundation in mathematics and programming, allowing you to master the new programming methods and technologies, and transition to other areas of the IT industry.

Through real-world projects, the practice of the latest technologies, and the close mentoring of industry experts, you will gain a unique experience that sets you up for successful career opportunities.

Are you a high-achieving student with a passion for computer science, mathematics, programming, and physics? The DSSD program is for you.

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What you will get from the BSc Data Science and Software Development (DSSD)
Student Data Science


  • Fundamental knowledge in mathematics and programming: this strong foundation allows students to choose any development path in IT and associated industries.
  • Learn from top industry programmers and IT professionals: programming courses are taught by developers from leading IT companies. This provides students with up-to-date, practical knowledge that sets them up for success in the field.
  • Advance your and gain recognition skills with the best: DSSD boasts a community of engaged and passionate people, providing students with a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Furthermore, in partnership with the global leading tool provider for developers JetBrains, DSSD offers opportunities for students to participate in training for programming competitions, giving them a chance to showcase their skills and gain recognition in the industry.
  • Constant program enhancement and updates: current and relevant program that provides students with the most in-demand knowledge and skills.
Why study at Constructor University
International experience
Train your intercultural skills by studying with talents from more than 100 countries and excellent study-abroad options
Top rankings
Benefit from highest standards in teaching, interdisciplinary learning, early research involvement, and hands-on education.
Global career
Connect with Alumni to broaden your professional network & start your career with our individual career service support.
Key Facts
Constructor University, Bremen, Germany
€ 20,000 per academic year (two semesters) + € 8,500 on-campus room and board (single room, shared bathroom, full meal plan)
Fall intake 2023:
Apply by June 1 (global) and July 15 (for applicants who do not need a visa)
Start last week of August (orientation week), first week of September (classes)
EU and EFTA students are eligible for a minimum guaranteed scholarship of € 4.000.
For DSSD program several fully-funded JetBrains scholarships are available.
3 years full-time
Financing options:
Each admitted candidate will receive an individual financial package.
Ready for your future?
The program

The undergraduate program at Constructor University is a three-year, 180-credit-point program  designed to prepare students for a wide range of career paths.

Throughout this 3-year full-time program taught in English, students will learn how to analyze and interpret large data sets, design, and develop software applications, and solve complex problems using data-driven approaches. Students will also gain a strong foundation in computer science, programming, and related disciplines such as mathematics and statistics.

The “4C Model” is the program's backbone, with disciplinary content grouped into three themes according to study years: CHOICE-CORE-CAREER. Additionally, the “CONSTRUCTOR Track”, an integral part of the program, runs parallel throughout the program. It provides students with multidisciplinary content and essential skills such as argumentation, data visualization, societal engagement, and communication.

The curriculum allows students to tailor their education to their goals and to explore different fields of study, with the flexibility to change their major within the first year. Moreover, the programs include a mandatory internship and a study-abroad opportunity in the fifth semester to provide students with hands-on experience and a global perspective.

4C Curriculum
Study program structure

Our comprehensive curriculum places a strong emphasis on the fundamental principles of mathematics and programming while also exposing students to a diverse range of specialized subjects.

  • In the first year, students will take foundational courses in math and programming (including Kotlin programming language) and have the opportunity to explore different disciplines, with at least 37.5 credit points coming from their intended major. They can still change their major at the beginning of the second year.
  • In the second year, students will take in-depth, discipline-specific CORE modules, with a total of 45 credit points, to extend their understanding of key theories, principles, and methods in their major.
  • Finally, in the third year, students will take 15 credit points from major-specific and major-related advanced Specialization modules to consolidate their knowledge in areas of their choice. They will also prepare for their career after graduation by exploring available options and gaining professional experience through a mandatory summer internship. The 5th semester also offers opportunities for studying abroad, and the 6th semester is dedicated to fostering research experience by involving students in an extended Bachelor thesis project.

The curriculum of the study program is outlined in the current schematic study plan (please be aware that changes may be expected in the study plan):


Study program handbook - Data Science and Software Development (BSc)
2023 version
Career perspectives

The BSc Data Science and Software Development (DSSD) program is an innovative and unparalleled way to jumpstart a career in the rapidly growing fields of data science and software development.

The program is crafted in partnership with the global leading tool provider for developers JetBrains, offering you with the latest skills and knowledge in high demand by these industries.

Not only will you learn the latest technologies, but you will also be ready to hit the ground running as soon as you graduate.

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Students & Alumni
Lisa Rodermund
Despite being a small institution, I found that this university is known to many prestigious graduate institutions in my field and has a reputation of conferring great practical skills to the students.
Lisa Rodermund
Usman Ramay
I got an amazing bunch of friends, I got people I could look up to, learn from, I got an amazing career out of it, with Amazon, and I got this entrepreneurial spirit.
Usman Ramay
Varun Dadlani
I always wanted the full campus experience - something not very common in Europe. this university did offer it, paired with an English-taught program and in a progressive country like Germany.
Varun Dadlani
School of Computer Science & Engineering

This study program is part of the School of Computer Science & Engineering.

The School of Computer Science and Engineering focuses on research and development in information, communication, and production technologies, intelligent and autonomous systems, as well as the flow of goods.

Key disciplines in the school include Computer Science, Robotics, and Electrical Engineering.

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Global Community
Life on campus

Become part of a global community

Constructor University Students come from all over the world to live and learn at Constructor University. Our student body represents 110 nations. They form an ambitious campus community whose internationality is unprecedented in Europe. Constructor University’s green and tree-shaded 80-acre campus provides much more than buildings for teaching and research.

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