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Financing for graduates

Financing for graduates
Financing for graduate programs

Discover all the information you need about our fees and financing options for Constructor students. Our dedicated Student Financial Service Team will assist you in finding the best financial solution that will enable you to pursue your desired program and create a successful career path.

Cost of attendance 2024 / 2025

The direct costs of attendance include tuition, room and board, and fees, as outlined below.

€ 20.000


€ 600

Fees up to (University Fees, Semester Ticket)*

*Please see the cost of attendance sheet for more detailed information.



Accommodation (12 months) € 5,500

Constructor University offers a variety of off-campus student housing options for graduate students in Bremen. You can reserve through Constructor University and take advantage of our housing support services, flexible lease terms, and full campus amenities. The housing fee for one year (12 months) is € 5,500.

Please find more information below:

Housing solutions

Please note that costs are subject to change without notice.

Financing options

Investing in education is an investment in your future. At Constructor University, we are committed to making it accessible for students worldwide. That's why we offer personalized financing options to help cover tuition fees. These options can include scholarships and tuition deferrals. With tuition deferrals, you only begin repaying your fees after you have successfully entered the job market, allowing you to fully focus on your studies.

We firmly believe that a Constructor University education is the perfect foundation for your future career, which is why we are dedicated to investing in you.

Financial options for tuition
  • All students are considered for an academic achievement scholarship based on their school grade point average (GPA).  This can be up to € 10,000.
  • No separate application is required.
  • Students are informed about their scholarship amount immediately following admission.
Tuition Deferral Program

The Tuition Deferral Program is an innovative way to finance a part of your tuition fees at Constructor University

  • Deferral of tuition fees is calculated automatically and available to you shortly after admission.
  • You decide whether you want to take advantage of this personalized financing option.
  • Granted independently of your financial situation.
  • Flexible repayment plan based on your future income and personal circumstances.

Check the video for more information


Start your career first!
Repayment doesn’t begin until you have reached a predefined minimum income.

Excellent terms ensure you succeed!
You pay a percentage of your income for a limited period.

We’re your partner no matter what!
If you earn less than the defined minimum income level, repayment is deferred.


Find more information on the program here:

Tuition Deferral Program
External financing options

Depending on availability, additional scholarships sponsored by external partners are offered to highly motivated students. In the past years, Constructor University has awarded scholarships from the BLG Logistics Group, the Bremische Hafenvertretung e.V., the Fritz Hollweg Foundation, the Stiftungsfonds Deutsche Bank, and the Conrad Naber Foundation to ambitious graduate students.

Various external financing options are available to help pay for your studies at Constructor University, such as external scholarships, stipends, or student loans.

Constructor University does not administer these scholarships. To learn more about the requirements and application process, please contact the appropriate institution directly.

External scholarships and stipends

Student loans

  • BAföG: Grants and student loans given to German students based on their family's financial situation.
  • KfW-Studienkredit: The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) is the most popular student loan for German students.
  • Here you will find more information on educational loans in Germany.
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Do you have questions?

If you have any questions regarding financing your studies, don’t hesitate to contact our Student Financial Services Team:

Student Financial Services
+49 421 200-4210
Student Financial Services