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Constructor Talent School for high school students

Constructor Talent School for high school students
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Welcome to Constructor Talent School! We're here to support motivated students interested in STEM, parents, and schools. Students often face scattered educational content, which can be a waste of time. We're changing that with a fresh curriculum, personalized learning and a straightforward path to colleges and industry success. We focus on collaborative learning, building a supportive community, and adding some fun.

Get ready to maximize your potential and fast-track your knowledge and skills!

Online & on-site
education in Germany and worldwide
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quality teachers and instructors from the industry
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For students
Get ready for a unique learning experience where you'll not only gain fundamental knowledge but also learn about the interconnections between core concepts. We're here to help you reach your full potential and deepen your understanding of STEM.
For parents
If you're looking for a pathway to a great college for your talented children, we've got you covered. We aim to support your children's dreams by giving them confidence and providing a helpful environment. Our goal is to assist you in guiding your kids through their educational successful journey.
For educational partners
We're simplifying the process of finding high-achieving students. Say goodbye to outdated materials and lack of support – we're breaking free from those constraints. Our goal is to prepare students who are well-prepared, motivated, and ready to excel.
What do we offer?

Constructor Talent School has an ambitious mission: to supplement high school education with cutting-edge topics and create a community for motivated students aged 15-18 interested in the STEM field. Our primary goal is to introduce additional STEM education using new and creative methods that go beyond what regular schools offer. 

These projects are designed to give students a complete and exciting learning experience that goes far beyond standard school programs.

Constructor talent school
Students in a research building
Online courses

From abstract maths to real programming: crack the code to STEM.

Begin your balanced learning experience with interactive classes, personalized support, and independent study. Sign up now and become an expert in the field!

  • Program title: "Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science"
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Approx. 2.5 hours per week

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Summer camps

Want to make your summer both enjoyable and educational?

Explore our Summer camps at Constructor University! With different educational focuses, you will have a chance to make new friends worldwide and experience university life firsthand.

  • Three summer camps
  • 12 days during the summer
  • Location: Bremen, Germany

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Masterclasses and webinars

Interactive online seminars and specialized classes to dive deeper into specific subjects.

The schedule will be announced shortly.

Individual and team competitions

Engaging challenges among students to test and showcase academic achievements in a friendly atmosphere.

The schedule will be announced shortly.

Why join Talent School?
Individual approach
We prioritize individual attention. With small group sizes and one-on-one work with tutors, everyone's questions get answered and you'll receive the support you need.
Obtain certificates
Receive course certificates showcasing your proficiency in computer science's mathematical foundations.
Build a strong portfolio
Develop a portfolio to boost your chances of admission to top universities and future career opportunities.
Participate in challenges and competitions
Gain confidence and expertise by participating in programming and mathematics challenges and competitions, and learning from peers.
Exclusive community and networking
Join an international community of like-minded individuals, fostering valuable connections and collaborations.
Priority in university applications
Get priority consideration when applying to Constructor University, giving you an edge in higher education.
Special deals
Access exclusive offers and discounts on additional programs and summer camps, expanding your learning journey beyond high school while connecting with top lecturers and mentors.
Exceptional educators and mentors
Benefit from the guidance and expertise of our accomplished educators and mentors who are dedicated to your success.
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Meet our team
Olga Kornienko
Olga Kornienko – Head of Student Talent Recruitment
- BSc in Computer Science
- MSc in Computer Science
- Worked at a top-rated university as the director of pre-university education and head of STEM Centers and Olympiad Departments. Been a business analyst at BearingPoint.
- Knows how to launch a project, get everyone to do what needs to be done and make a success story.
- Plays the piano. Enjoys going to the most distant places in the world, such as Antarctica.
Dameli Assalauova
Dameli Assalauova – Student Talent Recruitment Officer
- BSc in Physics
- MSc in Physics
- PhD in X-ray Optics
- Worked at top-rated universities as an executive director of the Enrollees Center and research associate. Been assistant to the deputy minister.
- Knows how to make things accurate, prevent colleagues from foolish decisions, and do the right thing when no one knows what to do.
- Enjoys hiking, mountaineering, and diving.
Photo Vladimir Sharich
Vladimir Sharich – Chief Learning Officer
- BSc in Mathematics
- MSc in Combinatorics
- Experience as a math teacher and as the head of the mathematics department in top-rated universities and high schools.
- Served as a jury member in over 40 math competitions, including IMO-2020 and IMO-2021.
- Able to explain concepts effectively, verify reasoning, and help students grasp scientific principles.
- Plays chess and has an interest in neuropsychology and deep understanding.
Andrei Mikriukov
Andrei Mikriukov – Senior Product Manager
- BSc in Mathematics
- MSc in Mathematics & Pedagogy
- Worked at top-rated centers for additional education as a math teacher and as a product manager. Been a member of the organizing committee at more than 20 educational events, incl. IPhO-2020.
- Knows how to make things beautiful, gamify learning experience, and get students to enjoy science.
- Plays the drums. Enjoys mountaineering and skydiving.
Photo Andrey Mukhachev
Andrei Mukhachev – Instructional Designer
- BSc in Physics
- MSc in Biophysics
- Experience as a research associate in top-rated science labs and as a natural science and computer science teacher in high schools.
- Currently working as the Chief Engineer at Deep Smart Light (UK/Ireland).
- Skilled in working with bacteria on a space station, coding neural networks, and fostering a love for science among students.
- Enjoys ballroom dancing, history, and long walks.
Pavel Tomas
Pavel Tomas – Instructional Designer
- BSc in Mathematics
- MSc in Algebraic Topology
- Worked at a top-rated university as a math teaching assistant and at more than 30 summer and winter camps as a math teacher.
- Knows how to solve Olympiad math problems, code in six languages, and make students know science.
- Plays all the musical instruments in the world. Enjoys board games and computer games.
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