Data Science for Society and Business

Master of Science - Online Graduate Program
Data Science for Society and Business (MSc) - The program

The aim of this 2-year Data Science for Society and Business (DSSB) (online) MSc program is two-fold. On the one hand, it aims to use rapidly growing digital data resources and new computational tools and methods to describe, model, predict, and potentially solve pressing business, ecological, economic, organizational, political, or other social problems and significant trends like innovation diffusion, migration flows, susceptibility to infections, sustainable growth, political mobilization, and the likes. On the other hand, the program addresses the rising demand for social data science expertise and critical skills in new industries (i.e., social media, start-ups), in established sectors (i.e., production, civil and private services), typical job specifications (i.e., consulting, market research, marketing), public administration (i.e., health, security), and academia (all sciences).

MSc Data Science for Society and Business (online)

Program duration: 2 Years (4 semesters)

Degree and ECTS points: Master of Science, 120 ECTS

Starting date: Fall 2024

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Online Teaching
The master program in DSSB (online) applies proven and effective teaching and learning modalities that engage distance learners and support a vibrant learning community. This means that students participate in online courses with predominantly asynchronous lectures and learning activities complemented by synchronous tutorials and hands-on sessions. Students are guided and supported by faculty and experienced tutors and lecturers to transfer acquired knowledge into practice. The hands-on elements include dedicated collaboration with other students using tools and concepts that enable distributed work from different places and different time zones. Students enrolled in online study programs will find their course materials, such as videos, case studies, scholarly articles, websites, podcasts, online games, etc., on a Learning Management Software (LMS) platform provided by Constructor University.
Online program
2 years full-time
€ 5,000 per academic year
Fall Intake 2024:
Classes start the first week of September
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Qualification aims

The DSSB (online) program aims at

  • teaching students to identify problems in business and other social spheres (e.g., crime, education, media, migration, politics, and public health) that can be best analyzed with digital data.
  • educating students about the evolution, social embeddedness, and social (e.g., business, economic, political) and ethical implications of digital technologies
  • provide critical knowledge about cybercrime, data protection, and data ethics • imparting knowledge about up-to-date data science concepts
  • training and motivating students to learn fundamental programming skills in R and Python and to understand state-of-the-art computational and software tools.
  • • achieving expertise in data analytics and modeling approaches • conveying technical skills on how to connect and cross-validate data science studies with conventional research approaches.
  • guiding students to develop a critical understanding of data-driven solutions.
  • demonstrating why and how to apply scientific research to societal and business problems.
  • motivating and training how to effectively communicate and visualize scientific research results.
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International university in Europe (THE 2023)
private university in Germany (THE 2023)
Job success within a year (Alumni survey)
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Admission Requirements

Admission is based on the candidate’s university achievements, recommendations, and self-presentation. The following documents need to be submitted with the application:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Official or certified copies of university transcripts
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent
  • Language proficiency test results (minimum score of 90 (TOEFL), 6.5 (IELTS) or 110 (Duolingo)).
  • Copy of Passport
  • Letter of recommendation (optional).
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Target Group

The DSSB (online) graduate program is a highly selective program for students of all age groups with a strong background in the social sciences, such as anthropology, business, economics, demography, management science, media science, political science, psychology, social history, or sociology, who want to become a data scientist and are interested in business and social science research questions. However, we are also open to ambitious learners from humanities such as history or linguistics, natural sciences such as cognitive or health sciences, or other areas with a quantitative orientation. Students must be interested in working in interdisciplinary, international, and innovative research fields. The program prepares for a professional and academic career.

School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences

This study program is part of the School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences.

The School of Business, Social and Decision Sciences focuses on interdisciplinary research and education in business sciences, finance and economics, political sciences, as well as in fields related social interactions and to cognitive processes underlying behavior of individuals, groups, or institutions.

Key disciplines in the school include Management Science, Finance, Economics, Industrial Engineering, Logistics, Political Science, Cognitive Psychology, and Sociology.

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