Prof. Dr. Hilke Brockmann

Professor of Sociology
School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences
Constructor University Bremen gGmbH
Campus Ring 1 | 28759 Bremen | Germany
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+49 421 200-3421
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Research IV, Room 46
Research Interests

For centuries, happiness was a theoretical concept. But in the last three decades, happiness and subjective well-being (SWB) research has transformed the field into an empirical interdisciplinary science. There is now fast-growing demand for empirical happiness findings — inside as well as outside academia — due to their innovative insights, global applications, and predictive behavioral power.

Selected Publications

The China puzzle: Falling happiness in a rising economy

H Brockmann, J Delhey, C Welzel, H Yuan

Journal of Happiness Studies 10, 387-405

Why is less money spent on health care for the elderly than for the rest of the population? Health care rationing in German hospitals

H Brockmann

Social science & medicine 55 (4), 593-608

Love and death in Germany: The marital biography and its effect on mortality

H Brockmann, T Klein

Journal of Marriage and Family 66 (3), 567-581

Time to retire–Time to die? A prospective cohort study of the effects of early retirement on long-term survival

H Brockmann, R Müller, U Helmert

Social science & medicine 69 (2), 160-164

Old-age mortality in Germany prior to and after reunification

A Gjonça, H Brockmann, H Maier

Demographic Research 3

Happy taxation: increasing tax compliance through positive rewards?

H Brockmann, P Genschel, L Seelkopf

Journal of Public Policy 36 (3), 381-406

Girls preferred? Changing patterns of sex preferences in the two German states

H Brockmann

European sociological review 17 (2), 189-202

Why are middle-aged people so depressed? Evidence from West Germany

H Brockmann

Social Indicators Research 97, 23-42

Introduction: The dynamics of happiness and the dynamics of happiness research

H Brockmann, J Delhey

Social Indicators Research 97, 1-5

Trajectories of insecurity: Young adults' employment entry, health and well-being

K Klug, S Drobnič, H Brockmann

Journal of Vocational Behavior 115, 103308

Why managerial women are less happy than managerial men

H Brockmann, AM Koch, A Diederich, C Edling

Journal of Happiness Studies 19, 755-779

Why is health treatment for the elderly less expensive than for the rest of population? Health care rationing in Germany

H Brockmann

MPIDR Working Papers

Familienbiographie und Mortalitaet in Ost- und Westdeutschland

H Brockmann, T Klein

Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie 35 (5), 430-440

High educational attainment moderates the association between dental health‐care supply and utilization in Europe

M Schulz, AE Kunst, H Brockmann

European journal of oral sciences 124 (1), 52-61

Die Lebensorganisation älterer Menschen

H Brockmann

Wiesbaden, Germany: Deutscher Universitätsverlag

A class for itself? On the worldviews of the new tech elite

H Brockmann, W Drews, J Torpey

Plos one 16 (1), e0244071

The Cost of Population Aging. Forecasting Future Hospital Expenses in Germany

H Brockmann, J Gampe

Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research. Rostock

Human Happiness and the Pursuit of Maximization

H Brockmann, J Delhey

Dordrecht: Springer

Die Lebensorganisation älterer Menschen: Eine Trendanalyse

H Brockmann


Auch ein Reformeffekt? Eine explorative Analyse der zunehmenden Krankenhausbehandlungen aufgrund psychischer Störungen

H Brockmann, R Müller, W Voges

Das Gesundheitswesen 68 (10), 626-632


Publications on Scopus
University Education

The Philipp University of Marburg

Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Soziologie

1994 - 1997

Grade: magna cum laude

Skills: Fragebogen · IBM SPSS · Statistische Modellierung · Umfragedesign


University of Essex

Summer Schools in (Social) Data Science, Quantitative and Big Data Analysis

1992 - 2018

Skills: Fragebogen · IBM SPSS · Big Data · Statistische Modellierung · Umfragedesign


University of Michigan

Summer Programs in Quantitative Methods

1993 - 1997

Skills: Fragebogen · IBM SPSS · Statistische Modellierung · Umfragedesign


University of Hamburg

Master's degree, Sociology, Psychology, Public Law, Politics

1986 - 1991

Grade: very good

Skills: Fragebogen · IBM SPSS · Qualitative Forschung · Statistische Modellierung · Französisch · Umfragedesign


Bielefeld University

Bachelor's degree, Sociology, Psychology (minor)

1984 - 1986

Grade: with distinction

Skills: Fragebogen · Statistische Modellierung · Umfragedesign


Bielefeld University

Bachelor's degree, Sociology

Grade: excellent

Skills: Französisch


University of Hamburg

Master's degree, Sociology, Public Law, Political Science, Psychology

Grade: excellent


Work Experience

Professor of Sociology at Jacobs University Bremen

Data Center Researcher & Schuman Fellow at European University Institute

Visiting Research Fellow at Harvard University

Junior Professor at University of Bremen

Research Scientist at Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

PhD Student at Philipps-Universitat Marburg

Research Scientist at Helmut-Schmidt-University