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Become An Active Member

Constructor Alumni represents the overall network of alumni from our affiliate institutions: Constructor University, Constructor Institute, and Constructor Academy. The Alumni Office organizes events and programs specifically for alumni from individual institutions and for the alumni population as a whole. As a member of the network, you have access to the knowledge of your fellow alumni and access to facilities via Constructor Pass.

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Beyond the Pond Alumni Association is the official alumni association of Constructor University. Anyone who has studied at the university for at least one semester is eligible to become a member. The Association promotes the education of current and future students via the Alumni Scholarship Fund. The fund grants annual scholarships and is supported by the donations of alumni and friends of the university.

Benefits of being a member of the Alumni Association include the following:

  • Tuition Fee Discounts. Continue your education at Constructor University and pay 30% less for an in-person master’s degree and 20% less for an online (bachelor’s or master’s) degree.
  • Discount on events such as our annual Homecoming.
  • Career Services – exclusive access to JobTeaser, the university’s online job portal.
  • Up-to-date news on what is happening within the university and alumni communities.
  • Constructor Pass – a unique service available to alumni that grants you access to Constructor facilities free of charge worldwide.
Stay Connected

Wherever you live or work there are multiple ways for you to stay in-touch and get involved throughout the Constructor Alumni Network.

Constructor Alumni

Alumni Association

University Alumni are eligible to join the Alumni Association to access all the benefits and more while staying up-to-date with all the news from campus.
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Alumni living in the United States can connect with the Constructor University Foundation of America, which supports fundraising efforts under US regulations. CUFA sponsors scholarships, alumni outreach, community events, and an annual reunion event held every spring.
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Alumni Network

Alumni from Constructor Institute and Academy can sign-up to be added to our mailing list to stay up-to-date with the latest news from campus and throughout the alumni community.
Support and be an active member of the community
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Regional Chapter leaders

With alumni scattered across the globe, our Regional Chapters are one of the best ways to connect with fellow alumni right where you live. Chapter leaders serve as liaisons between your local chapter, the Alumni Office, and the Alumni Board. Leaders assist in the planning and promotion of events that are valuable to local alumni. Leaders receive a complimentary ticket to Homecoming while the Alumni Office helps financially with local events. Interested in leading your local chapter or starting one?

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Mentoring Program

Our alumni mentoring program connects alumni directly with students or each other. This is one of the most rewarding ways alumni can affect the development of the next generation of leaders.

Learn more about the programs available and how you can get involved.

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Professional Development

The Alumni Office works closely with the Career Services Center to promote career training, events, and opportunities to our alumni. There are multiple opportunities for our alumni to be involved with the university on a professional basis.

Constructor Alumni
Career Services
Alumni Association members have access to JobTeaser, the official university job portal. To utilize JobTeaser, alumni MUST have an alumni email address.

We sponsor regular Alumni Career Talks where alumni speak directly to students about their professional journey. Recent topics include:

- Careers in sustainability & renewable energy
- Changes & deviations in a career path
- How extracurriculars play a part in your development
Constructor Alumni career fair
Career Fair
The annual Constructor Career Fair is held annually every spring and allows alumni to return to campus in a professional capacity. The career fair is another opportunity for alumni to connect directly with students professionally. Exhibitors with an alumni referral are eligible for a discount on the registration fee.
Constructor Alumni
We encourage alumni to connect with our office on LinkedIn. We want to see your professional accomplishments and share them with our greater community.

Want to find other alumni on LinkedIn? Use the following guide to narrow your search criteria to identify students and fellow alumni in which you can connect professionally.

Alumni Impact Council

The university seeks to harness the experience and expertise of the alumni community via the Alumni Impact Council. Alumni serving on the council will provide qualitative feedback and support while actively contributing to the university's development. The committee meets 2-4 times per year with at least one member of university leadership always in attendance. There are five focus areas for the council:

  • Academics
  • Industry Collaboration
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Campus Development
  • Marketing & Student Recruitment

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Alumni Entrepreneurs Community

The Constructor community has a strong tradition of launching start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. Alumni and students can learn from each other and share their knowledge and expertise through our Constructor Alumni Entrepreneur Community

Alumni can also get involved in the Synthesis Start-Up Incubator program, which nurtures early-stage start-ups from ideation to execution. Alumni can benefit from our vast network to help guide them through the steps necessary to see an idea to fruition while experienced alumni can serve as mentors to lead alumni and students. Connect with Synthesis on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with their exciting events and programs.


Alumni Supported Projects

CUFA served as a sponsor of ArtFest 2023

CUFA served as a sponsor of ArtFest 2023 to support the artistic endeavors of our student community.
Sarah Winkelmann

Sarah Winkelmann Greenland journey

Alumna Sarah Winkelmann (BA 2016) trekked across Greenland in 2023, which was supported heavily by the alumni community through a crowdfunding campaign.
Alumnus Hashem

Largest individual donation

Alumnus Hashem Al-Ghaili (MS 2015) provided the largest single-person donation to the university in support of the research efforts of Prof. Sebastian Springer and the impact that Dr. Springer had on him.
Frequently asked questions

The CAN represents all the alumni throughout the Constructor ecosystem, regardless of where they studied or worked. The Alumni Association is specifically for alumni of Constructor University. The AA has an ownership stake in the university and a seat on the Board of Governors. Members of the AA are part of the CAN, but CAN members are not necessarily members of the AA.

Currently, Constructor Pass is only available to alumni with an alumni email address through the Alumni Association ( email addresses) or Constructor Alumni ( email addresses).

Not sure if you are eligible? Contact the Alumni Office for more information.

Currently, it is only available to the alumni as detailed in Question #2. Eventually, the Pass will be available to all alumni community members.

As the Alumni Association holds a minority share in the university, it exists as a separate individual entity apart from the university. This, along with adhering to data protection regulations, means that all members must opt-in to join the association.

Most of the fees go directly into the Alumni Scholarship Fund, which helps fund future students’ educational pursuits. As the AA is independent of the university, some of the fees go towards organizational purposes, such as maintaining the AA website.

The Registrar’s Office oversees these requests. Please contact them for all academic inquiries.

The university has a created a document detailing the name change, which is available to accompany your academic documents. You can access it here.

Please contact the Alumni Office, we will gladly assist you with this.

Please contact for all issues regarding accessing your alumni email account and the Alumni Portal.

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Alumni Office


Ilya Kompasov
Head of Alumni Office
Brand Management and Communications | Alumni Office 
Phone: +49 421 200 4106
Reimar Lüst Hall 251

Constructor Alumni

Mark Dziak
Alumni Coordinator 
Brand Management and Communication | Alumni Office
Reimar Lüst Hall 225

Constructor Alumni

Saad El Jouhmi
Alumni Community Manager
Brand Management and Communication | Alumni Office
Reimar Lüst Hall 225

Alumni President

Cornelia ScheitzDr. Cornelia Scheitz (2007)
Beyond the Pond Alumni Association
kevin korte photoKevin Korte (2009, 2011)
Constructor University Foundation of America