Alumna Sarah Winkelmann: Crossing the icy desert of Greenland on skis
Sarah Winkelmann
Constructor University alumna Sarah Winkelmann spent almost a year preparing for this unique adventure and it was worth it: she is Germany's youngest woman to have crossed Greenland on skis – a total of 600 kilometers. (Source: Sarah Winkelmann)

On 28 May 2023, her 28th birthday, Sarah Winkelmann made it. She had conquered the minus 30-degree temperatures, the icy storms, the bagged food, the sled with up to 75 kilograms of luggage. Sarah, a graduate of Constructor University in Bremen, is Germany's youngest woman to have crossed Greenland on skis – a total of 600 kilometers.

It took her 28 days to complete the expedition, which she embarked on together with nine other extreme athletes from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Tent, sleeping bag, stove, sleeping mat, clothing, spare skis, all her food – she pulled it all on two sleds. "I want to show that women are as capable of doing this as men," she said before setting out on the expedition. Being as environmentally friendly as possible was also important to her, leaving no trace or waste, as well as following a vegetarian diet. For her trainings, she travelled by bike or public transport whenever possible, even to remote areas.

The fact that the Bremen native was able to realize her plan is also thanks to Constructor University, where Sarah graduated in 2016 with a degree in International Relations: Politics and History. "The university was the first to believe in my ideas and my abilities. I got the chance to present my plans on campus, and we started a crowdfunding campaign together." Several sponsors were found to help pay for the expedition, which cost around €30,000.

The political scientist, who now lives and works in Norway, spent almost a year preparing for this unique adventure. She undertook several mobility and strength training camps, including dragging 75kg truck tires, attached to her body by a belt, to simulate pulling the sleds. Sarah also tested the clothing that would best protect her hands, face and body from the cold. Of course, she also had to make the logistical arrangements and find sponsors.

The sound of the skis on the snow, the vastness of the landscapes, the absence of civilization, the different types of snow formations. It was a journey full of experiences of the natural world and challenges that pushed her to her limits. "On the last day, we were on skis for 24 hours straight – with no breaks or sleep. I didn't think my body would be able to do that," she reported on Instagram.

This had become necessary due to days of extreme weather conditions. "We had to take advantage of every good weather forecast to make up for the four extremely stormy days when we couldn't leave our tents. It was one of the strongest storms I have ever seen, with wind gusts of more than twelve Beaufort. Two of our five tents collapsed. Visibility was less than five meters."

Exhausted, but also happy and relieved, with aching knees and a little frostbite on her leg, she finally reached the finish line. Of course, she is proud of her achievement. But for Sarah Winkelmann, the crossing of Greenland was just the start of a much bigger adventure: an expedition to the South Pole. The planning is underway.

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Sarah Winkelmann
Sarah Winkelmann

The sound of the skis on the snow, the vastness of the landscapes, the absence of civilization, the different types of snow formations: it was a journey full of experiences of the natural world. (Source: Sarah Winkelmann)


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