werner henkel

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel

Transmission Systems
School of Computer Science & Engineering
Constructor University Bremen gGmbH, Campus Ring 1 28759 Bremen Germany
Phone number
+49 421 200-3157
Fax number
+49 421 200-3103
Email Address
Research I, Room 61
Research Interests

Physical-layer security, source and channel coding, multi-carrier modulation, DSL, power-line communications, DNA analysis, ...

Selected Publications


The role of replication-induced chromosomal copy numbers in spatio-temporal gene regulation and evolutionary chromosome plasticity

Sequence-based information-theoretic features for gene essentiality prediction

Categorization of species based on their microRNAs employing sequence motifs, information-theoretic sequence feature extraction, and k-mers

Cancelation of Distance Measuring Equipment Interference for Aeronautical Communications

Relationship between digital information and thermodynamic stability in bacterial genomes

Channel characterization for underwater broadband PLC sensor networks

Steps Towards Decentralized Deterministic Network Coding

Towards Deterministic Network Coding in Hierarchical Networks

Least-squares iterative peak-to-average ratio reduction for MIMO-OFDM systems

Relating digital information, thermodynamic stability, and classes of functional genes in E. coli


Conference papers

Error Probability of FDD-based Secret Key Generation using Multiple Linear Regression

Reciprocity and Secret Key Generation for FDD Systems using Non-Linear Quantization

Highly Efficient FDD Secret Key Generation using ESPRIT and Jump Removal on Phase Differences

A Simple Physical-Layer Key Generation for Frequency-Division Duplexing (FDD)

A Simple Physical-Layer Key Generation Scheme for Power-Line Transmission

Common Randomness for Physical-Layer Key Generation in Power-Line Transmission

LS algorithm for PAR Reduction in OFDM based Massive MIMO Broadcast systems

Joint Equalization and LDPC Decoding

Information Forwarding in LDPC Decoding for Markov Sources

Multilevel capacities for the codon mutation channel