Algorithm and Code Training School 2024

Algorithm and Code Training School 2024

Algorithm and Code Training School 2024
April 20–23, 2024
Online camp

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Rise to the challenge

Awaken your potential at the Algorithm and Code Training School (ACTS) Online Camp, organized by JetBrains & Constructor University, designed for high school students aiming to excel in national and international coding contests and olympiads.

Every day at the camp includes an exciting 5-hour virtual contest following the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) regulations. The challenge is complemented by in-depth analysis from JetBrains experts.

Our curriculum is flexible, allowing us to adjust topics to match participants' skill levels perfectly. This ensures every participant receives the most relevant and challenging content.

- Academic focus: programming and contests following IOI regulations
- Mode of classes: Online
- Language of instruction: English
- Registration deadline: April 6, 2024
- Entrance contest: April 1-7, 2024
- Online Camp: April 20-23, 2024
- Free of charge
- For high school students who are preparing for national and international contests and olympiads

What to expect

  • Learn from the best – world-class instructors, masters in their fields.
  • Train with top-performing students from around the globe.
  • Enjoy the convenience of online participation.
  • Receive participation certificates.
  • Have a chance to be invited to an on-site camp in the summer 2024.

Simply join us!

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Meet our experts
Pavel Mavrin photo
Pavel Mavrin
ICPC World Champion 2004, IOI 2002 Silver Medalist, Instructor with JetBrains Academy.
Niyaz Nigmatullin photo
Niyaz Nigmatullin
ICPC World Champion 2012 and 2013, coach of the Neapolis University Pafos and Constructor University ICPC teams, Researcher at JetBrains.
Anton Garder
Anton Garder
Codeforces Grandmaster, Lecturer at Constructor University.
Alexander Kovrigin
Alexander Kovrigin
ICPC NWERC 2023 Silver Medalist, CS Student at Constructor University, Intern at JetBrains.
Konstantin Amelichev
Konstantin Amelichev
Winner of high-level competitive programming contests; Instructor of Algorithms courses and camps; Software Engineer at Datagrok.
Mark Ipatov
Mark Ipatov
ICPC NWERC 2023 Silver Medalist, CS Student at Constructor University, Intern at JetBrains.
How to participate

We're looking for high school students who enjoy coding and have shown skill in competitive programming, especially in Codeforces Divisions 1 and 2.
Start your journey to the ACTS Online Camp by taking our entrance contest.

  1. Step 1: Register
    To participate, you must register before 11:59 PM (CET) on April 6, 2024
  2. Step 2: Participate in the entrance contest
    You will receive a link to the entrance contest. You can begin solving the problems anytime between April 1 and April 7.
  3. Step 3: Receive an invitation to the camp
    You may be invited to participate in the ACTS Online Camp, depending on your performance in the entrance contest.
  4. Step 4: Join our Discord server
    All communication with organizers, trainers, and other participants will take place on Discord.
  5. Step 5: Give it your all and  have fun!
    Our team of experts will prepare a challenging set of contests and interesting lectures for you.

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Write to us at or

Andrey Ivanov photo
Andrey Ivanov
SVP of Investments, Research and Education at JetBrains
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Stanislav Protasov
President of Constructor University Bremen
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Öznur Bell
Chancellor of Constructor University
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Dinar Gumirov
Project Coordinator at JetBrains
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Ekaterina Artamonova
Project Coordinator at JetBrains
Olga Kornienko
Olga Kornienko
Head of Student Talent Recruitment, Constructor Knowledge and Constructor University
Dameli Assalauova
Dameli Assalauova
Student Recruitment Officer
Talent Recruitment & Scholarships, Constructor University
Alena Gupaisova photo
Alena Gupaisova
Marketing Manager at JetBrains
Maria Zyranova photo
Maria Zyryanova
Project Coordinator at JetBrains

We recommend watching this video.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation. We also intend to invite some participants to our on-site summer camp based on their performance during the online camp.

You can use any language that is supported on the Codeforces platform.

After registration, you will receive a link to the entrance contest. You can begin solving the tasks anytime between April 1 and April 7, but once you start, you will only have five hours to submit your solutions. Depending on your performance in the entrance contest, you may be invited to the ACTS online camp.

Certainly! School participants will be invited to a Discord server where all communication with organizers, trainers, and other participants will take place.

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