Krupp College

Funded by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung, Krupp is the first and pioneering college of Constructor University and opened in 2001. The college is popular for its spacious and sunny terrace where its inhabitants like to share long meals in the summertime.

All students have their own furnished bedroom, where they share bathroom facilities with another student. There are also 23 single rooms in the college with private bathroom facilities. Each student has access to a floor kitchen, which is shared by 20 students. The college has its own servery, where you can enjoy international cuisine. There are laundry facilities in the basements of the college and you have access to well-equipped common spaces for studying, socialising, relaxing and watching TV and movies.

krupp college outside
krupp outside group
krupp outside
Krupp College: The big red family with a phoenix as a mascot


Krupp works hard to be a homely, inclusive, and relaxed environment where everyone is welcome. You get the best of both worlds here. A calm and relatively quiet atmosphere but then turning it up during events and activities. Krupp has lots of lively, creative, and large-scale activities to take part in, such as big community dinners, acoustic nights, the Valentine's Party, and creative cheer-up activities.



The Krupp mascot is the Phoenix, derived from the passion and fire Kruppies show during college competitions and events. As a result, they are a difficult college to beat!

Quick facts:

➜  Opened in 2001
➜  Accommodating 260 students
➜  Private furnished bedroom with shared bathroom facilities
➜  23 single rooms with private bathroom facilities
➜  Mascot: Phoenix

krupp room
Laura Smith
Krupp College resident mentor: Laura Smith

Laura Smith has been the resident mentor of Krupp since 2016. She lives in the college with her husband Shola and two children Adefela (7) and Ifelola (4).
Laura is a qualified youth worker with 19 years’ experience of working with young people from all over the world. In addition to that, she has 14 years’ experience of managing people and programmes which aim to promote intercultural learning and personal and social development. The resident mentor role enables her to do both the hands-on mentoring and the management of the college at the same time. A great fit, she says!

“The residential support team in Krupp College has a collective vision to make Krupp feel as homely as possible. We believe in the development of the whole student, and therefore what happens within their living space is as important as what happens in the classroom.“

Laura Smith, Krupp College Resident Mentor

Events organized by Krupp

Krupp organizes two acoustic nights per year, where people can come and show their musical talent. They also organize the annual Valentine's party on campus and a big community dinner each semester to bring people together and share food from different countries.