Observatory of Higher Education Innovations

Group leader
Professor Isak Frumin
Head of Observatory of Higher Education Innovations

The Observatory of Higher Education Innovations was established at Constructor University in September 2022 as a research group and as a a part of the Constructor University Strategy Unit that supports the President and the Executive Board in the analysis of the competitive positioning of our institution and finding best practices worldwide.

The main functions of The Observatory of HEI are:

  • to collect and analyze data on innovations in higher education
  • to study the transformations of higher education in specific aspects
  • to advise on strategy and challenges at Constructor University in the context of international experience
Specific themes and goals
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Gathering comprehensive data on higher education innovations globally using innovative methods (AI enhanced web scribing). We aim in the development of - Global Higher Education Innovations Repository, accessible to faculty and policymakers.
  • Development of private higher education in Europe
  • Education technologies in higher education with the focus on use of Generative AI
  • Strategic planning in higher education
  • Peace and constructive conflict resolution in higher education
Highlights and impact
  • Innovative Universities Global Webinar Series: A platform where university leaders and pioneers share their experiences and strategies, promoting a global dialogue on innovation in higher education.
  • Strategic Influence: Our analyses and recommendations have directly influenced the strategic direction and initiatives at Constructor University, enhancing our institution's competitive edge.
  • Session on “Role of Universities in Peacebuilding” at European University Summit (2024).
Group composition & projects/funding
  • Yeliz Düskün - Strategy Unit Coordinator, CUB
  • Dr. Alexander Kalgin - Senior Analyst, CUB
  • Muhammad Ali Alam - Chief Entrepreneurship & Innovation Officer, CUB
  • Vicenso Drushku – Data Analyst, Strategy Unit, CUB

Students members

  • Omer Guzel – Student Assistant
  • Meri Grigoryan – Student Assistant
  • Emine Zeynep Tan – Student Assistant