Dr. Marc-Thorsten Hütt

Computational Systems Biology
School of Science
Constructor University Bremen gGmbH / Campus Ring 6 / 28759 Bremen / Germany
Phone number
+49 421 200-3238
Fax number
+49 421 200-3249
Email Address
Research II, Room 117
Research Interests

Computational Systems Biology unites approaches from mathematics, physics and computer science, in the search for basic principles and universal laws in biology. We contextualize data from high-throughput technologies using mathematical models and computational techniques, to understand the functioning of signal transduction pathways, gene regulatory networks and genome-scale metabolic systems.

Selected Publications

Spatiotemporal variation of metabolism in a plant circadian rhythm: the biological clock as an assembly of coupled individual oscillators

U Rascher, MT Hütt, K Siebke, B Osmond, F Beck, U Lüttge

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98 (20), 11801-11805

Organization of excitable dynamics in hierarchical biological networks

M Müller-Linow, CC Hilgetag, MT Hütt

PLoS computational biology 4 (9), e1000190

Connectivity and complex systems: learning from a multi-disciplinary perspective

L Turnbull, MT Hütt, AA Ioannides, S Kininmonth, R Poeppl, K Tockner, ...

Applied Network Science 3, 1-49

Dissecting the logical types of network control in gene expression profiles

C Marr, M Geertz, MT Hütt, G Muskhelishvili

BMC systems biology 2, 1-9

Uncoupling of mucosal gene regulation, mRNA splicing and adherent microbiota signatures in inflammatory bowel disease

R Häsler, R Sheibani-Tezerji, A Sinha, M Barann, A Rehman, D Esser, ...

Gut 66 (12), 2087-2097

Psychotherapy is chaotic—(not only) in a computational world

GK Schiepek, K Viol, W Aichhorn, MT Hütt, K Sungler, D Pincus, ...

Frontiers in Psychology 8, 379

Analog regulation of metabolic demand

N Sonnenschein, M Geertz, G Muskhelishvili, MT Hütt

BMC systems biology 5, 1-13

A review of planning and scheduling methods for hot rolling mills in steel production

A Özgür, Y Uygun, MT Hütt

Computers & Industrial Engineering 151, 106606

Drawing a map of invasion biology based on a network of hypotheses

M Enders, MT Hütt, JM Jeschke

Ecosphere 9 (3), e02146

The interdependent network of gene regulation and metabolism is robust where it needs to be

DF Klosik, A Grimbs, S Bornholdt, MT Hütt

Nature communications 8 (1), 534

Topology regulates pattern formation capacity of binary cellular automata on graphs

C Marr, MT Hütt

Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 354, 641-662

Outer-totalistic cellular automata on graphs

C Marr, MT Hütt

Physics Letters A 373 (5), 546-549

Consistency analysis of metabolic correlation networks

M Müller-Linow, W Weckwerth, MT Hütt

BMC Systems Biology 1, 1-12

Hierarchical modular brain connectivity is a stretch for criticality

CC Hilgetag, MT Hütt

Trends in cognitive sciences 18 (3), 114-115

A closer look at the apparent correlation of structural and functional connectivity in excitable neural networks

A Messé, MT Hütt, P König, CC Hilgetag

Scientific reports 5 (1), 7870

Motifs in co-authorship networks and their relation to the impact of scientific publications

L Krumov, C Fretter, M Müller-Hannemann, K Weihe, MT Hütt

The European Physical Journal B 84, 535-540

Perspective: network-guided pattern formation of neural dynamics

MT Hütt, M Kaiser, CC Hilgetag

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 369 …

Datenanalyse in der Biologie: Eine Einführung in Methoden der nichtlinearen Dynamik, fraktalen Geometrie und Informationstheorie

MT Hütt


Ca2+ dynamics during membrane excitation of green alga Chara: model simulations and experimental data

M Wacke, G Thiel, MT Hütt

The Journal of membrane biology 191, 179-192

Boolean analysis reveals systematic interactions among low-abundance species in the human gut microbiome

JC Claussen, J Skiecevičienė, J Wang, P Rausch, TH Karlsen, W Lieb, ...

PLoS computational biology 13 (6), e1005361