Prof. Dr. Richard Wagner

Adjunct Professor of Biophysics
School of Science
Constructor University Bremen gGmbH
Campus Ring 6 / 28759 Bremen / Germany
Phone number
+49 421 200-3136
Fax number
+49 421 200-3249
Email Address
Research II, Room 38
Selected Publications

Tom40 forms the hydrophilic channel of the mitochondrial import pore for preproteins

K Hill, K Model, MT Ryan, K Dietmeier, F Martin, R Wagner, N Pfanner

Nature 395 (6701), 516-521

A prokaryotic potassium ion channel with two predicted transmembrane segments from Streptomyces lividans.

H Schrempf, O Schmidt, R Kümmerlen, S Hinnah, D Müller, M Betzler, ...

The EMBO journal 14 (21), 5170-5178

A presequence-and voltage-sensitive channel of the mitochondrial preprotein translocase formed by Tim23

KN Truscott, P Kovermann, A Geissler, A Merlin, M Meijer, AJM Driessen, ...

Nature structural biology 8 (12), 1074-1082

Protein insertion into the mitochondrial inner membrane by a twin-pore translocase

P Rehling, K Model, K Brandner, P Kovermann, A Sickmann, HE Meyer, ...

Science 299 (5613), 1747-1751

Dissecting membrane insertion of mitochondrial β-barrel proteins

S Kutik, D Stojanovski, L Becker, T Becker, M Meinecke, V Krüger, C Prinz, ...

Cell 132 (6), 1011-1024

Multiple pathways for sorting mitochondrial precursor proteins

N Bolender, A Sickmann, R Wagner, C Meisinger, N Pfanner

EMBO reports 9 (1), 42-49

Tom22 is a multifunctional organizer of the mitochondrial preprotein translocase

S van Wilpe, MT Ryan, K Hill, AC Maarse, C Meisinger, J Brix, PJT Dekker, ...

Nature 401 (6752), 485-489

The peroxisomal importomer constitutes a large and highly dynamic pore

M Meinecke, C Cizmowski, W Schliebs, V Krüger, S Beck, R Wagner, ...

Nature Cell Biology 12 (3), 273-277

Single particle characterization of iron-induced pore-forming α-synuclein oligomers

M Kostka, T Hogen, KM Danzer, J Levin, M Habeck, A Wirth, R Wagner, ...

Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (16), 10992-11003

Reconstitution of a chloroplast protein import channel

SC Hinnah, K Hill, R Wagner, T Schlicher, J Soll

The EMBO journal

The chloroplast protein import channel Toc75: pore properties and interaction with transit peptides

SC Hinnah, R Wagner, N Sveshnikova, R Harrer, J Soll

Biophysical journal 83 (2), 899-911

Tim50 maintains the permeability barrier of the mitochondrial inner membrane

M Meinecke, R Wagner, P Kovermann, B Guiard, DU Mick, DP Hutu, ...

Science 312 (5779), 1523-1526

Plant neurobiology: no brain, no gain?

A Alpi, N Amrhein, A Bertl, MR Blatt, E Blumwald, F Cervone, J Dainty, ...

Trends in plant science 12 (4), 135-136

Tim22, the essential core of the mitochondrial protein insertion complex, forms a voltage-activated and signal-gated channel

P Kovermann, KN Truscott, B Guiard, P Rehling, NB Sepuri, H Müller, ...

Molecular cell 9 (2), 363-373

Motor-free mitochondrial presequence translocase drives membrane integration of preproteins

M van der Laan, M Meinecke, J Dudek, DP Hutu, M Lind, I Perschil, ...

Nature Cell Biology 9 (10), 1152-1159

Protein import channel of the outer mitochondrial membrane: a highly stable Tom40-Tom22 core structure differentially interacts with preproteins, small tom proteins, and import …

C Meisinger, MT Ryan, K Hill, K Model, JH Lim, A Sickmann, H Müller, ...

Molecular and cellular biology 21 (7), 2337-2348

The preprotein conducting channel at the inner envelope membrane of plastids

L Heins, A Mehrle, R Hemmler, R Wagner, M Küchler, F Hörmann, ...

The EMBO journal

Origin of a chloroplast protein importer

B Bölter, J Soll, A Schulz, S Hinnah, R Wagner

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95 (26), 15831-15836

Isolation and characterization of an amino acid-selective channel protein present in the chloroplastic outer envelope membrane

K Pohlmeyer, J Soll, T Steinkamp, S Hinnah, R Wagner

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 94 (17), 9504-9509

The mitochondrial import protein Mim1 promotes biogenesis of multispanning outer membrane proteins

T Becker, LS Wenz, V Krüger, W Lehmann, JM Müller, L Goroncy, N Zufall, ...

Journal of Cell Biology 194 (3), 387-395