Prof. Dr. Olivier Berthod

Adjunct Professor
School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences
Constructor University Bremen gGmbH
Campus Ring 1 | 28759 Bremen | Germany
Phone number
+49 421 200-3491
Email Address
Research IV, Room 80
Selected Publications

Institutional theory of organizations

O Berthod

Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance

Network ethnography: A mixed-method approach for the study of practices in interorganizational settings

O Berthod, M Grothe-Hammer, J Sydow

Organizational Research Methods 20 (2), 299-323

From high-reliability organizations to high-reliability networks: the dynamics of network governance in the face of emergency

O Berthod, M Grothe-Hammer, G Müller-Seitz, J Raab, J Sydow

Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 27 (2), 352-371

Pathways to collaborative performance: examining the different combinations of conditions under which collaborations are successful

S Douglas, O Berthod, M Groenleer, J Nederhand

Policy and Society 39 (4), 638-658

Making sense in pitch darkness: An exploration of the sociomateriality of sensemaking in crises

O Berthod, G Müller-Seitz

Journal of Management Inquiry 27 (1), 52-68

Developing purpose-oriented networks: A process view

O Berthod, F Segato

Perspectives on Public Management and Governance 2 (3), 203-212

The programming of decisions for disaster and emergency response: A Luhmannian approach

M Grothe-Hammer, O Berthod

Current Sociology 65 (5), 735-755

Out of nowhere? Interorganizational assemblage as the answer to a food-borne disease outbreak

O Berthod, G Müller-Seitz, J Sydow

Schmalenbach Business Review 66, 385-414

Some characteristics of high‐reliability networks

O Berthod, M Grothe‐Hammer, J Sydow

Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management 23 (1), 24-28

Research Importance in the information systems field: A citations analysis

C Loebbecke, C Huyskens, O Berthod

ICIS 2007 Proceedings, 100

Decisional organization theory: Towards an integrated framework of organization

M Grothe-Hammer, H Berkowitz, O Berthod

Research handbook on the sociology of organizations, 30-53

Locked in the iron cage? When institutionalization is (not) a path-dependent process

O Berthod, J Sydow

Self-reinforcing processes in and among organizations, 204-229

Inter-organizational ethnography: Promises and problems

O Berthod, M Grothe-Hammer, J Sydow

Unconventional methodology in organization and management research, 212-230

On institutions, paths, and routes set in stone: The construction of a bridge as a case of path instantiation

O Berthod

Interorganizational crisis management

O Berthod, G Müller-Seitz, J Sydow

Handbuch Krisenmanagement, 141-154

The rise and fall of energy democracy: 5 cases of collaborative governance in energy systems

O Berthod, T Blanchet, H Busch, C Kunze, C Nolden, M Wenderlich

Environmental Management 71 (3), 551-564

Institutional work for value co-creation: navigating amid power and persistence

O Berthod, M Helfen, J Sydow

The SAGE handbook of service-dominant logic, 317-335

Failure-driven innovation

A Alexander, O Berthod, S Kunert, O Salge, A Washington

Berlin: artop. Retrieved June 9, 2017

Einige Charakteristika von Hochzuverlässigkeitsnetzwerken

O Berthod, M Grothe-Hammer, J Sydow

Grenzenlose Sicherheit, 289-300

Managing resource transposition in the face of extreme events: Fieldwork at two public networks in Germany and the US

O Berthod, M Grothe‐Hammer, R Hagen, J Sydow

Public Administration 99 (1), 171-188


University Education

Freie Universität Berlin

Doctorate rer. pol.


Université Paris Dauphine - PSL

Master's degree


Linnaeus University

Master's degree


ESCE International Business School

Work Experience

Associate Professor at ICN Business School

Membre Titulaire at Universite de Lorraine

Professor of Organization and Management at Jacobs University Bremen

Senior Research Associate at Freie Universität Berlin

Honors Fellow at Freie Universität Berlin

Doctoral Researcher at Freie Universität Berlin