Vikram Unnithan

School of Science
Department of Physics & Earth Sciences Campus Ring 1, 28759 Bremen (Germany)
Phone number
+49 421 200-3161
Fax number
+49 421 200-3229
Email Address
Research III, Room 98
Research Interests

Vikram Unnithan is a geoscientist and doing research in the field of global climate change.

University Education

University College Dublin

Field of study: Geology

1996 - 2001

Utrecht University

Field of study: Geology

1990 - 1996

Selected Publications

Gas hydrate crystals may help build reefs

JP Henriet, B De Mol, S Pillen, M Vanneste, D Van Rooij, W Versteeg, ...

Nature 391 (6668), 648-649

Gas hydrate crystals may help build reefs

JP Henriet, B De Mol, S Pillen, M Vanneste, D Van Rooij, W Versteeg, ...

Nature 391 (6668), 648-649

Tectonically-driven mud volcanism since the late Pliocene on the Calabrian accretionary prism, central Mediterranean Sea

D Praeg, S Ceramicola, R Barbieri, V Unnithan, N Wardell

Marine and Petroleum Geology 26 (9), 1849-1865

Modeling the habitat suitability for deep-water gorgonian corals based on terrain variables

R Tong, A Purser, J Guinan, V Unnithan

Ecological Informatics 13, 123-132

Fishing impacts on Irish deepwater coral reefs: Making a case for coral conservation

AJ Grehan, V Unnithan, KO Roy, J Opderbecke

American Fisheries Society Symposium 41, 819

Multivariate statistical analysis of distribution of deep-water gorgonian corals in relation to seabed topography on the Norwegian margin

R Tong, A Purser, V Unnithan, J Guinan

Public Library of Science 7 (8), e43534

Local variation in the distribution of benthic megafauna species associated with cold-water coral reefs on the Norwegian margin

A Purser, C Orejas, A Gori, R Tong, V Unnithan, L Thomsen

Continental Shelf Research 54, 37-51

Online generation of an underwater photo map with improved fourier mellin based registration

H Bulow, A Birk, V Unnithan


Carbon mineralization and carbonate preservation in modern cold-water coral reef sediments on the Norwegian shelf

LM Wehrmann, NJ Knab, H Pirlet, V Unnithan, C Wild, TG Ferdelman

Biogeosciences 6 (4), 663-680

The spatial distributions of faults and deep sea carbonate mounds in the Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland

W Bailey, PM Shannon, JJ Walsh, V Unnithan

Marine and Petroleum Geology 20 (5), 509-522

Slope instability and sediment redistribution in the Rockall Trough: constraints from GLORIA

V Unnithan, PM Shannon, K McGrane, PW Readman, AWB Jacob, ...

Geological Society, London, Special Publications 188 (1), 439-454

Microhabitat and shrimp abundance within a Norwegian cold-water coral ecosystem

A Purser, J Ontrup, T Schoening, L Thomsen, R Tong, V Unnithan, ...

Biogeosciences 10 (9), 5779-5791

PlanetServer: Innovative approaches for the online analysis of hyperspectral satellite data from Mars

JHP Oosthoek, J Flahaut, AP Rossi, P Baumann, D Misev, P Campalani, ...

Advances in Space Research 53 (12), 1858-1871

The Mediterranean Sea: a natural laboratory to study gas hydrate dynamics?

D Praeg, R Geletti, N Wardell, V Unnithan, J Mascle, S Migeon, ...

7th International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH 2011), Full paper 322, 8 pp

Detection, imaging and analysis of lava tubes for planetary analogue studies using electric methods (ERT)

P Torrese, R Pozzobon, AP Rossi, V Unnithan, F Sauro, D Borrmann, ...

Icarus 357, 114244

Quantifying relationships between abundances of cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa and terrain features: a case study on the Norwegian margin

R Tong, A Purser, J Guinan, V Unnithan, J Yu, C Zhang

Continental Shelf Research 116, 13-26

Field investigation of volcanic deposits on Vulcano, Italy using a handheld laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy instrument

K Rammelkamp, S Schröder, G Ortenzi, A Pisello, K Stephan, M Baqué, ...

Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 177, 106067

HVSR passive seismic stratigraphy for the investigation of planetary volcanic analogues

P Torrese, AP Rossi, V Unnithan, R Pozzobon, D Borrmann, ...

Icarus 351, 113970

DAEDALUS-descent and exploration in deep autonomy of lava underground structures

AP Rossi, F Maurelli, V Unnithan, H Dreger, K Mathewos, N Pradhan, ...

CARACOLE cruise report

K Olu-Le Roy, JC Caprais, P Crassous, E Dejonghe, D Eardley, ...

30/07/2001 (Cobh)—15/08/2001 (Foynes) N/O L’Atalante & ROV VICTOR. Vols. 1 …