Peter Baumann

Prof. Dr. Peter Baumann

Large-Scale Scientific Information Systems Research Group
School of Computer Science & Engineering
Constructor University, Campus Ring 12, 28759 Bremen Germany
Phone number
+49 421 200-3178
Fax number
+49 421 200-493178
Email Address
Research I, Room 88
Research Interests

My core research interest is on flexible, scalable services on massive multi-dimensional sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data (often called "datacubes" today) in science, engineering, and business. We have developed the rasdaman array analytics engine which effectively has pioneered the research field of Array Databases and Actionable Datacubes, and has received a series of international innovation awards.


Based on this experience, I have shaped several Big Data standards, most remarkably the ISO SQL/MDA (Multi-Dimensional Arrays) standard and the OGC/ISO/INSPIRE "Big Earth Data" coverage standards suite.

Selected Publications

The multidimensional database system RasDaMan

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Big data analytics for earth sciences: the EarthServer approach

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Management of multidimensional discrete data

P Baumann

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A database array algebra for spatio-temporal data and beyond

P Baumann

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The OGC web coverage processing service (WCPS) standard

P Baumann

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Storage of multidimensional arrays based on arbitrary tiling

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Towards intelligent giservices

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The RasDaMan approach to multidimensional database management

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A database generator for human brain imaging

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Spatio-temporal retrieval with RasDaMan

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Geo/environmental and medical data management in the RasDaMan system

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A comparative analysis of array models for databases

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The six faces of the data cube

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Proceedings of the 2017 conference on big data from space, Toulouse, France …

Array databases: Concepts, standards, implementations

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Journal of Big Data 8, 1-61

Datacubes: Towards space/time analysis-ready data

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Service-Oriented Mapping: Changing Paradigm in Map Production and …

Fostering cross-disciplinary earth science through datacube analytics

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Ogc wcs 2.0 interface standard-core

P Baumann

Open Geospatial Consortium: Wayland, MA, USA

Efficient execution of operations in a DBMS for multidimensional arrays

N Widmann, P Baumann

Proceedings. Tenth International Conference on Scientific and Statistical …

Hierarchical storage support and management for large-scale multidimensional array database management systems

B Reiner, K Hahn, G Höfling, P Baumann

International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications, 689-700

Web-enabled raster gis services for large image and map databases

P Baumann

12th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, 870-874



University Education
  • PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) in Computer Science, Technische Universität Darmstadt, 1993

  • Diploma in Computer Science, Technische Universität München, 1986



Work Experience

Founder & CEO at rasdaman GmbH

Assistant Research Group Head at FORWISS

Consultant at Softlab

Research Assistant / PhD student at Fraunhofer Computer Graphics Institute