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Dr. Joaquin Aguado

Distinguished Lecturer of Computer Science
School of Computer Science & Engineering
Constructor University Bremen gGmbH
Campus Ring 1 | 28759 Bremen | Germany
Phone number
+49 421 200 - 3168
Fax number
+49 421 200 - 3103
Email Address
Res. I, 169
Selected Publications

Synchronised Shared Memory and Model Checking


Logic Meets Algebra: Compositional Timing Analysis for Synchronous Reactive Multithreading


Deterministic Concurrency: A Clock-Synchronised Shared Memory Approach


Compositional timing-aware semantics for synchronous programming


A Multi-objective Hospital Operating Room Planning and Scheduling Problem Using Compromise Programming


Denotational Fixed Point Semantics for Constructive Scheduling of Synchronous Concurrency


Sequentially Constructive Concurrency—A Conservative Extension of the Synchronous Model of Computation


SCCharts: Sequentially Constructive Statecharts for Safety-Critical Applications


Grounding Synchronous Deterministic Concurrency in Sequential Programming


A Game Semantics for Instantaneous Esterel Reactions


Computing with streams


Constructive semantics for instantaneous reactions.


Unifying Synchronous Data and Control Flow in the Lazy Lambda Calculus


Towards Strategies for Dataflow Programming




Proceedings of the International Workshop on Model- driven High-level Programming of Embedded Systems (SLA++P 2007), Braga, Portugal, 31 March 2007


A-maze-ing Esterel.


P Systems with Replicated Rewriting and Stream X-Machines (Eilenberg Machines).


Foundations of the X-machine Theory for Testing


Design Models and the Complexity of the Testing Problem for Distributed Systems


Systems of Communicating X-machines for Specifying Distributed Systems


University of Conformance Testing of Distributed Systems: an X-machine based Approach