Laurenz Thomsen

Adjunct Professor of Geosciences
School of Science
Campus Ring 1 | 28759 Bremen | Germany
Email Address
University Education
1982-1985University of Heidelberg, undergraduate
1988-1989Institute for Oceanography, Kiel, graduate student
1989Diplom  in Biology at University of Kiel, Germany
1990-1992Research Affiliate at University of Kiel
1992Doctor of Sciences (Dr. rer . nat.) at University of Kiel
1992-1998Research Associate in the Department of Environmental Geology, GEOMAR
1995Guest scientist at the NIVA Institute, Oslo, Norway
1997Guest scientist at the NIOZ Institute, Texel, Netherlands 
1998Habilitation at University of Kiel
1999-2001Heisenberg fellow of the DFG at the School of Oceanography (University of Washington)
09/2001-Jacobs University faculty
Affiliate associate Professor at the School of Oceanography, University of Washington, Seattle
Full professor at Jacobs University Bremen
Affiliate Full Professor of Biological Oceanography at the School of Oceanography, University of Washington, Seattle


Fellowships and Awards
1998Recipient of a Heisenberg Fellowship (Affiliate Associate Professor) of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft  DFG
2018“Taishan Expert” of Shendong Province, China


Research and Teaching Positions


1992-1998Lecturer in Biological Oceanography and Geochemistry for graduate students at Kiel University
2000-2001Visiting lecturer at the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington, undergraduate and graduate classes
2001-Teaching Geosciences at Jacobs University
2002-Teaching Benthos at the University of Washington

Research and International Experience
Director of OceanLab at Jacobs University. Focus on the ocean carbon cycle and fluxes of particulate matter within the benthic boundary layer at continental margins. R&D on mobile seafloor robots for cabled observatories. Studies on risk assessment and monitoring around offshore installations as well as CO2 mitigation programs with microalgae.

Examples of Synergistic Activities
Member of the Senate Commission on Oceanography of DFG (2012 to 2017). Associate editor of “Elementa” (2013 to present). Workpackage leader of the EU projects “Hermes” and “Esonet” and of the Helmholtz Alliance “Robex” (2012 to 2017). Coordinator of the international Coramm (2006-2010), and AnMBRA (2017-2019) projects; Board member of the Annette Barthelt Foundation for the promotion of young scientists in oceanography; JUB admission group (2002 – 2006); Program coordinator for Earth&Space Sciences at Jacobs University (2008-2011). Co-initiator of the German Space and Ocean sciences program Robex (Robotic Exploration of Extreme Environments).


Funded Projects
1993 - 2000 Participant in the EU OMEX program (32 international partners)
1996 - 1999Participant in the EU ALIPOR program (18 international partners)
1999 -PI in the US/Canadian NEPTUNE program (8 international partners)
2002 - 2005PI in the EU EUROSTRATAFORM program (23 international partners)
2002 - 2005PI in the EU ESONET program (21 international partners)
2002 - 2005PI in the EU BIOFLOW program (13 international partners
2005 - 2009PI/WP leader in the EU HERMES program (45 international partners)
2006 - 2010Coordinator of the CORAMM project (7 international partners)
2007 - 2011 PI/WP leader in the EU ESONET NoE program (21 international partners)
2008 – 2011PI in the EU EMSO program (21 international partners)
2008 - 2009Coordinator of the RWE algae project (8 partners)
2008 – 2011PI in the EU EMSO program (21 international partners)
2008 - 2012PI in the StatoilHydro Lander program (4 international partners)
2009 – 2012PI in the EU HERMIONE program (35 international partners)
2009 – 2012PI in the BMBF BIOACID Project (14 partners)
2010 – 2013PI of Bremen Algae projects (3 partners)
2013 – 2017PI/WP Leader in the ROBEX project of Helmholtz Society
2014 – 2016Cooperation in the AUFWIND Project

2016 – 2019PI in the “Plume dispersal during ocean mining” project with BGR
2017 – 2019Coordinator in the German-Israel AnMBRA project on microalgae
2018 – 2021 PI and WP leader in JPI Oceans2 “ Deep sea mining” (11 international partners)
2019 – 2022PI in EU project “Blue-Harvesting” (8 international partners)


Work Experience


  • Deep sea monitoring with tele-operated robots
  • Deep sea technology
  • Cabled deep sea observatories
  • Ocean monitoring strategies

Industry experience

  • Coordinator of the CORAMM project with Equinor (Statoil)
  • Coordinator of the RWE Algenproject
  • Collaboration with Chinese industry partners for development of joint (utility) patents. “Robotfish”, Qingdao; “Haizhibao”, Weihai.
  • Licensing technologies to Chin
  • Co-founder of iSeaMC (, a robotic company

Graduate Students Granted Higher Degrees as 1st supervisor:
17 PhD students and 3 MS students plus additional 19 PhD students as Co-Supervisor