Prof. Dr. Sven C. Voelpel

Business Administration
School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences
Constructor University Bremen gGmbH
Res. IV | Campus Ring 1 | 28759 Bremen
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+49 421 200 3467
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+49 421 200-49-3467
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Research IV, Room 76
Selected Publications

Organizational knowledge creation theory: Evolutionary paths and future advances

I Nonaka, G Von Krogh, S Voelpel

Organization studies 27 (8), 1179-1208

When and how diversity benefits teams: The importance of team members' need for cognition

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The rise of knowledge towards attention management

TH Davenport, SC Völpel

Journal of knowledge management 5 (3), 212-222

The wheel of business model reinvention: how to reshape your business model to leapfrog competitors

SC Voelpel, M Leibold, EB Tekie

Journal of change management 4 (3), 259-276

Within-group agreement: On the use (and misuse) of rWG and rWG (J) in leadership research and some best practice guidelines

T Biemann, MS Cole, S Voelpel

The Leadership Quarterly 23 (1), 66-80

Strategic management as organizational learning: Developing fit and alignment through a disciplined process

M Beer, SC Voelpel, M Leibold, EB Tekie

Long Range Planning 38 (5), 445-465

Strategic management in the innovation economy: Strategic approaches and tools for dynamic innovation capabilities

TH Davenport, M Leibold, SC Voelpel

John Wiley & Sons

Transformational leadership sub-dimensions and their link to leaders' personality and performance

A Deinert, AC Homan, D Boer, SC Voelpel, D Gutermann

The Leadership Quarterly 26 (6), 1095-1120

The tyranny of the Balanced Scorecard in the innovation economy

SC Voelpel, M Leibold, RA Eckhoff

Journal of intellectual capital 7 (1), 43-60

Does gender matter? Female representation on corporate boards and firm financial performance-a meta-analysis

JL Pletzer, R Nikolova, KK Kedzior, SC Voelpel

PloS one 10 (6), e0130005

How leaders affect followers’ work engagement and performance: Integrating leader− member exchange and crossover theory

D Gutermann, N Lehmann‐Willenbrock, D Boer, M Born, SC Voelpel

British Journal of Management 28 (2), 299-314

Escaping the red queen effect in competitive strategy:: Sense-testing business models

S Voelpel, M Leibold, E Tekie, G Von Krogh

European Management Journal 23 (1), 37-49

Is my boss really listening to me? The impact of perceived supervisor listening on emotional exhaustion, turnover intention, and organizational citizenship behavior

KJ Lloyd, D Boer, JW Keller, S Voelpel

Journal of Business Ethics 130, 509-524

Five steps to creating a global knowledge-sharing system: Siemens' ShareNet

SC Voelpel, M Dous, TH Davenport

Academy of Management Perspectives 19 (2), 9-23

Social value orientation, expectations, and cooperation in social dilemmas: A meta–analysis

JL Pletzer, D Balliet, J Joireman, DM Kuhlman, SC Voelpel, ...

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Managing knowledge sharing in China: the case of Siemens ShareNet

SC Voelpel, Z Han

Journal of knowledge management 9 (3), 51-63

An identity perspective on ethical leadership to explain organizational citizenship behavior: the interplay of follower moral identity and leader group prototypicality

FH Gerpott, N Van Quaquebeke, S Schlamp, SC Voelpel

Journal of Business Ethics 156, 1063-1078

The interplay of diversity training and diversity beliefs on team creativity in nationality diverse teams.

AC Homan, C Buengeler, RA Eckhoff, WP van Ginkel, SC Voelpel

Journal of Applied Psychology 100 (5), 1456

Managing the aging workforce: Challenges and solutions

M Leibold, SC Voelpel

John Wiley & Sons

From listening to leading: Toward an understanding of supervisor listening within the framework of leader-member exchange theory

KJ Lloyd, D Boer, SC Voelpel

International Journal of Business Communication 54 (4), 431-451