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Prof. Joachim Vogt

Physics of Near-Earth Space
School of Science
Campus Ring 8, 28759 Bremen, Germany
Phone number
+49 421 200-3252
Fax number
+49 421 200-3102
Email Address
Research III, Room 106
Research Interests

The near-Earth space environment or geospace is a complex physical system, connecting the Sun, interplanetary space, and the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Geospace dynamics affect technological infrastructure such as Earth-orbiting spacecraft and electrical power grids at high latitudes. We study these dynamics using satellite measurements and ground-based observations. We are particularly interested in constellation missions consisting of several satellites; they operate as a multi-point array in space, allowing us to investigate changes in geospace structures in both space and time.

Selected Publications

Daedalus Ionospheric Profile Continuation (DIPCont): Monte Carlo studies assessing the quality of in situ measurement extrapolation


Plasma-Neutral Interactions in the Lower Thermosphere-Ionosphere: The need for in situ measurements to address focused questions


SwarmFACE: A Python package for field-aligned currents exploration with Swarm


Daedalus MASE (mission assessment through simulation exercise): A toolset for analysis of in situ missions and for processing global circulation model outputs in the lower thermosphere-ionosphere


Daedalus Ionospheric Profile Continuation (DIPCont)


Spatially Highly Resolved Solar-wind-induced Magnetic Field on Venus


Vectorial Association of Linearly Oriented Residua: Application to Swarm High-latitude Magnetic Field Measurements


Local Least Squares Analysis of Auroral Currents


ESA Field-Aligned Currents—Methodology Inter-comparison Exercise


Multiscale estimation of the field-aligned current density


Empirical Modeling of Planetary Magnetospheres in Response to Solar Wind Dynamics Using EOF Analysis and Multivariate Linear Regression


Multiscale estimation of the field-aligned current density


Solar wind controls on Mercury's magnetospheric cusp


EMVIM: An Empirical Model for the Magnetic Field Configuration near Venus


Local time resolved dynamics of field-aligned currents and their response to solar wind variability


Low-altitude electron acceleration due to multiple flow-bursts in the magnetotail


Analysis of field-aligned current sheets on multiple spatial scales in the Earth's plasma sheet: lessons from Cluster for Swarm


Quick identification of plasma wave: improvement and implementation of the wave surveyor technique


A high-resolution model of field-aligned currents through empirical orthogonal functions analysis (MFACE)


Magnetic Polarity Transitions and Biospheric Effects. Historical Perspective and Current Developments