Prof. Mathias Bode

Distinguished Lecturer of Electrical Engineering
School of Computer Science & Engineering
Constructor University Bremen, gGmbH, Campus Ring 1 28759 Bremen Germany
Phone number
+49 421 200-3139
Fax number
+49 421 200-3103
Email Address
Research I, Room 93
Selected Publications

On Joint Beamforming and Spectral Enhancement for Robust ASR in Reverberant Environments


Robust coordinated downlink beamforming for multicell-cognitive radio networks


Robust Multicell Downlink Beamforming Based on Second-Order Statistics of Channel State Information




Multicell Downlink Beamforming with Imperfect Channel Knowledge at Both Transceiver Sides


Analytical SIR for Self-Organizing Wireless Networks


Synergetic hardware concepts for self-organizing neural networks


Wave propagation in self-organizing feature maps as a means for the representation of temporal sequences


Lateral Neural Model of Binocular Rivalry


Realization of a neural algorithm by means of front-propagation in a thyristor-based hybrid system


Soft nearest prototype classification


Rotating bound states of dissipative solitons in systems of reaction-diffusion type


Erratum to “Interaction of dissipative solitons: particle-like behaviour of localized structures in a three-component reaction-diffusion system” [Physica D 161 (2002) 45–66]


Adaptive and economic data representation in control architectures of autonomous real-world robots


Modified Spectral Subtraction using Diffusive Gain Factors


Gebundene Zustände von dissipativen Solitonen und ihre Drift-Rotations-Dynamik


Interaction of dissipative solitons: Particle-like behaviour of localized structures in a three-component reaction-diffusion system


Interaction of dissipative quasi-particles: Scattering, formation of bound-states, generation and annihilation


Pattern Formation in Dissipative Systems: A Particle Approach


Hybrid hardware for a highly parallel search in the context of learning classifiers