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Language policies

Please refer to the Undergraduate or Graduate Policies as well as to your Study Program Handbook for information on mandatory language courses and the number of ECTS credits to be collected in language courses in your study program.

In general
  • Attendance in language courses is mandatory from the first day of teaching onward. If you miss more than 3 sessions unexcused during the semester, you will not be admitted to the final exam.
  • Typically, for one language course (150 min. of instruction/week) 2.5 ECTS credits can be earned;
  • Credits cannot be earned for native languages (first language/mother-tongue); Participants must take a placement test for all levels;
  • A language course cannot be retaken when a higher-level course has already been successfully completed;
5 Reasons
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  • Students can, at their own risk, take for credit language courses half a level higher than the one in which they have been placed according to the placement test;
  • Students are allowed to audit a course that is half a level lower than the one in which they have been placed according to the placement test.
  • Transfer credits may be accepted on approval; courses in the languages taught at Constructor University will be accepted if taken at other universities or at Instituto Cervantes, Institut Français and Konfuzius-Institut; credits acquired in languages other than those offered at Constructor University will only be transferred if issued by a partner university of the university;
  • Constructor University reserves the right to cancel language courses with fewer than 6 participants.


Please note that students who conceal previous knowledge of a language to enter a lower-level language course are in violation of the Code of academic integrity and that all necessary measures will be taken.