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Synthesis is the hub for young changemakers like you to innovate and build solutions to global challenges. 

We are dedicated to nurturing the most international community of young people, guiding them on a transformative journey to become future-proof entrepreneurs. 

Our mission is not just about building successful ventures; it's about making a positive impact on the world. Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), we strive to create a better future by fostering innovation, diversity, and impact-driven entrepreneurship.

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Synthesis transforms aspiring changemakers into future-proof entrepreneurs. Beyond startups, it's about molding mindsets, fostering diversity, and shaping leaders who will construct a better world. Fostering a spirit of life long learning and growth.
At synthesis, we explore the forefront of innovation where your ideas evolve into impactful ventures. Leveraging challenges into opportunities for a better and sustainable world.
Synthesis is a catalyst for personal and professional transformation. We don't just incubate startups; we nurture individuals who become architects of positive change.
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Ranked 16th on Startup Radar
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Programs & Initiatives
Synthesis start up incubator program
Start up incubator
We will nurture you from ideation to execution, guiding you through every stage of your startup journey and connecting you with well-experienced mentors and potential investors. Over the course of our 8 weeks program, VCs, successful founders, and external experts will share their knowledge and collaborate with you, while a personal mentor assigned to you will provide support throughout the process. Topics covered include MVP building, fundraising, sales, and marketing and stand a chance of winning financial investment on your startup on the Demo-Day.
Symposium and Strategic Workshops
Symposium and Strategic Workshops
Immerse yourself in an inspiring training and gathering of industry leaders, entrepreneurs and visionary who will support, exchange and elevate your ideas to viable products including Design Thinking workshop, Strategy development, fireside chats.
Prototyping Lab and Co-Working space
Prototyping Lab and Co-Working space
You will get to experience our co-spaces, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, featuring a well-established prototyping lab for experimenting and bringing your MVP to life, along with an idea lab for brainstorming and innovation. You will also get to immerse yourself in our cozy environment designed to foster creativity, connection, and productivity, enhancing your collaboration and adaptability to the startup world.
Mentoring program
Mentoring program
Embark on a personalized journey of growth with our Mentoring Program. More than guidance, it's a partnership tailored to amplify your potential. Connecting you with seasoned mentors who bring wisdom, experience, and a roadmap for success. Whether you're navigating entrepreneurship, refining skills, or seeking career insights, our mentors are catalysts for your brilliance. Get the right nudge, at the right time to prosper.
Community platform
Community platform
The entrepreneur journey is not suppose to be a lonely one, at synthesis, we will give you the opportunity of joining a vibrant community of like minded, and experienced individuals from a diverse background and have the opportunity of finding co-founders, connecting with investors, seeking valuable advice from seasoned advisors, and exploring exciting job opportunities. It's more than a community; it's system that accelerates your success.
Innovation Challenges
Innovation Challenges
Fuel your creativity and push beyond your boundaries through our innovative challenges with top tier companies that set you for a highly competitive world and make your product or service standout, giving you the skills to become an Intrapreneur.
What we offer
  • Privileges to our on-campus co-working space and cutting-edge prototyping lab
  • 8-week Intensive Incubator
  • Community platform with VCs, Founders and Industry leaders
  • Podcast from impact founders, VC’s, industry experts
  • Access to community events, symposiums, hackathons, and firesides
  • Access to the Constructor and Synthesis network
  • Connections to potential investors for your initiatives
  • Access to Constructor Pass
  • Scholarships
  • A platform for valuable knowledge sharing
  • Recruiting opportunities

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Synthesis powers student communities

Our startups have been featured in Forbes, Hults Finalist and have been mentored by Microsoft CEO.

ExoHeal is an accessible, inexpensive and effective method of treating hand paralysis using an exoskeleton, a robotic support structure.
Iris-Stefania Petcu
Iris-Stefania Petcu
Iris is a budding fashion entrepreneur and recently competed in the Hult Prize Challenge of Redesigning Fashion. Over the winter break, she came up with a groundbreaking idea: The Fashion Particle, a centralized marketplace for the fashion industry that connects eco-conscious and sustainable suppliers with manufacturers who share the same ideals.
Seekom digital
Seekom Digital
Seekom Digital is a digital services agency specialized in lead generation. Social media advertising, online store creation, and brand management are some of our areas of expertise; all of them adding up to our ultimate goal of skyrocketing our clients' revenues.
Synthesis team
Ali Alam photo
Ali Alam
Founder and Chief Entrepreneurship and Innovation Officer
Quiyyas, Mohammed photo
Quiyyas Mohammed
PA Knowledge
Kinlo Ephriam Tangiri
Marketing and Communication specialist
Roche Sinead photo
Roche Sinead
PA Growth
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Constructor university
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Synthesis is an entrepreneurship and Innovation center that guides Constructor University students interested in entrepreneurship from ideation to execution. Through Synthesis, student entrepreneurs network with industry experts, investors, VCs, and major companies and potentially get sponsorship and job opportunities.

Synthesis offers various initiatives, from the 8-week startup incubator program to scholarship/seed funding opportunities, mentor-mentee pairings, access to workshops, podcasts, firesides, and more.

Yes, Synthesis collaborates with students and alumni from Constructor University, the BRIDGE Network(Uni Bremen, HSB, BAB Die Forderbank, HFK Bremen) and Jetbrain students.

Sign up for Synthesis, fill out a form to showcase your startup idea/interest, and you'll seamlessly integrate into our dynamic community.

Yes! All our programs are conducted in a hybrid manner, but the incubator program requires partly in-person attendance.

Potential investors are linked through our community platform, website, social media, and an internal pairing system based on shared interests and similarities.

Absolutely. The incubator program prioritizes those with ideas, aiming to transform them into feasible products/services during the 8-week program.

Continue learning, iterating, and actively engage with and support the community. We connect you with investors, accelerators and help you scale up 1-1.

No! Synthesis supports startups across all industries as long as they align with any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Yes! Synthesis is open to all students, both international within and outside the EU.

For those interested in experiential learning, Synthesis provides access to our prototyping lab and co-working space for hands-on experimentation and real-time implementation along with workshops to build.

Certainly! Our community platform is designed to build a strong network and continue supporting our community post-graduation.

Follow us on our social media accounts for the latest updates and announcements.


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