Iris-Stefania Petcu: Psychology student and human rights advocate
Iris-Stefania Petcu
Constructor University student Iris-Stefania Petcu attended the 17th United Nations Human Rights Summit in New York as the university's representative. (Source: Constructor University)

How can we help people struggling with learning difficulties and disabilities handle their condition? That is the focus of Iris-Stefania Petcu. Her commitment to better learning conditions and human rights has shaped the life of the psychology student at Constructor University in Bremen. And it has taken the 19-year-old to the United Nations headquarters in New York as a delegate from her home country of Romania and a representative of the university to the 17th annual conference of Youth for Human Rights International.

Iris was not even ten years old when she was first diagnosed with learning difficulties. "The education system was not prepared to support students like me who had different learning difficulties and disabilities. I developed my own learning methods so that I could study with the other students," she says. That was just the beginning. Iris contacted experts, started a blog focused on learning difficulties and disabilities, and got involved with organizations such as Save the Children. "I've been so involved in this issue for the last 10 years that I've become a speaker on children's and human rights at various international conferences."

This commitment to herself and to people with learning difficulties and disabilities worldwide was the driving force behind her later endeavors. She chose to study Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology with a focus on Neuropsychology at Constructor University. "When faced with a problem, people usually try to solve it from one angle, targeting only its effects. Other people target the source. I target both, the whole circle. I help mitigate the effect of the problem by working on brain implants, exoskeletons and modern AI. This is also why I chose Robotics and Intelligent Systems as my minor. I try to mitigate the cause by pursuing diplomacy on the issue and focusing my efforts on eradicating discrimination against people with learning difficulties and disabilities". But why did she choose Constructor University? "It is one of the most international universities in the world. I really wanted to have the experience of studying and interacting with people from all over the world".

Iris is also a budding fashion entrepreneur and recently competed in the Hult Prize Challenge of Redesigning Fashion. Over the winter break, she came up with a groundbreaking idea: The Fashion Particle, a centralized marketplace for the fashion industry that connects eco-conscious and sustainable suppliers with manufacturers who share the same ideals. This idea propelled her and her team to the semi-finals in Tunis, where they competed with the world's brightest entrepreneurs for $1 million in venture capital.

As if that weren't enough, Iris was also elected President of Constructor University's Undergraduate Student Government, a first for a first-year student. With the same passion, she represents undergraduates on the university’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She takes an active role in her positions, advocating for a better academic and a living environment for all students. Her appearance at the 17th annual conference of Youth for Human Rights International further cemented her role in this regard. Finally, some 2000 kilometers away, she is also working to improve conditions in her home country of Romania.
How does she manage all these activities? "I am often asked this question," says Iris, laughing.

Leadership and teamwork are important to me," says Iris, who likes to sing to relax and is also a board member of the Constructor University choir. "Having become a 'leader' at such a young stage in my career, I needed further training. So she applied, was accepted and attended the world's most prestigious leadership program at Harvard Business School on a full scholarship. "I'm doing very well," says Iris happily.

Iris’s story is part of the "Faces" series, in which Constructor University introduces students, alumni, professors and staff.



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