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Prof. Sergey Danilov

Numerical Modeling
School of Science
Alfred Wegener Institut, Bussestraße 24, 27570 Bremerhaven (Germany)
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Geophysical fluid dynamics deals with the motion of different media such as air or water on a rotating sphere such as our planet Earth. More specifically, in our group we describe and analyze the movement of the global oceans and atmosphere using mathematical equations of physical laws. We then aim to either analyze these equations by classical mathematical techniques or solve them numerically using, in particular, high performance computing on dozens to thousands of parallel processors.

Selected Publications

North Atlantic simulations in coordinated ocean-ice reference experiments phase II (CORE-II). Part I: mean states

G Danabasoglu, SG Yeager, D Bailey, E Behrens, M Bentsen, D Bi, ...

Ocean Modelling 73, 76-107

A finite-element ocean model: principles and evaluation

S Danilov, G Kivman, J Schröter

Ocean Modelling 6 (2), 125-150

The Finite Element Sea Ice-Ocean Model (FESOM) v. 1.4: formulation of an ocean general circulation model

Q Wang, S Danilov, D Sidorenko, R Timmermann, C Wekerle, X Wang, ...

Geoscientific Model Development 7 (2), 663-693

Ocean circulation and sea ice distribution in a finite element global sea ice–ocean model

R Timmermann, S Danilov, J Schröter, C Böning, D Sidorenko, ...

Ocean modelling 27 (3-4), 114-129

Towards multi-resolution global climate modeling with ECHAM6–FESOM. Part I: model formulation and mean climate

D Sidorenko, T Rackow, T Jung, T Semmler, D Barbi, S Danilov, ...

Climate Dynamics 44, 757-780

Mean force on a small sphere in a sound field in a viscous fluid

SD Danilov, MA Mironov

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 107 (1), 143-153

Evaluation of global ocean–sea-ice model simulations based on the experimental protocols of the Ocean Model Intercomparison Project phase 2 (OMIP-2)

H Tsujino, LS Urakawa, SM Griffies, G Danabasoglu, AJ Adcroft, ...

Geoscientific Model Development 13 (8), 3643-3708

An assessment of Antarctic Circumpolar Current and Southern Ocean meridional overturning circulation during 1958–2007 in a suite of interannual CORE-II simulations

R Farneti, SM Downes, SM Griffies, SJ Marsland, E Behrens, M Bentsen, ...

Ocean Modelling 93, 84-120

The benefits of global high resolution for climate simulation: process understanding and the enabling of stakeholder decisions at the regional scale

MJ Roberts, PL Vidale, C Senior, HT Hewitt, C Bates, S Berthou, P Chang, ...

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 99 (11), 2341-2359

An assessment of global and regional sea level for years 1993–2007 in a suite of interannual CORE-II simulations

SM Griffies, J Yin, PJ Durack, P Goddard, SC Bates, E Behrens, ...

Ocean Modelling 78, 35-89

An assessment of the Arctic Ocean in a suite of interannual CORE-II simulations. Part III: Hydrography and fluxes

M Ilıcak, H Drange, Q Wang, R Gerdes, Y Aksenov, D Bailey, M Bentsen, ...

Ocean Modelling 100, 141-161

Finite element ocean circulation model based on triangular prismatic elements, with application in studying the effect of topography representation

Q Wang, S Danilov, J Schröter

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 113 (C5)

The finite-volume sea ice–ocean model (fesom2)

S Danilov, D Sidorenko, Q Wang, T Jung

Geoscientific Model Development 10 (2), 765-789

Finite-element sea ice model (FESIM), version 2

S Danilov, Q Wang, R Timmermann, N Iakovlev, D Sidorenko, M Kimmritz, ...

Geoscientific Model Development 8 (6), 1747-1761

Simulations for CMIP6 with the AWI climate model AWI‐CM‐1‐1

T Semmler, S Danilov, P Gierz, HF Goessling, J Hegewald, C Hinrichs, ...

Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 12 (9), e2019MS002009

Scaling, spectra and zonal jets in beta-plane turbulence

S Danilov, D Gurarie

Physics of fluids 16 (7), 2592-2603

Sea ice leads in the Arctic Ocean: Model assessment, interannual variability and trends

Q Wang, S Danilov, T Jung, L Kaleschke, A Wernecke

Geophysical Research Letters 43 (13), 7019-7027

The Finite Element Sea Ice-Ocean Model (FESOM) v. 1.4: formulation of an ocean general circulation model, Geosci. Model Dev., 7, 663–693

Q Wang, S Danilov, D Sidorenko, R Timmermann, C Wekerle, X Wang, ...

The Atlantic meridional overturning circulation in high‐resolution models

JJM Hirschi, B Barnier, C Böning, A Biastoch, AT Blaker, A Coward, ...

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 125 (4), e2019JC015522

An assessment of Southern Ocean water masses and sea ice during 1988–2007 in a suite of interannual CORE-II simulations

SM Downes, R Farneti, P Uotila, SM Griffies, SJ Marsland, D Bailey, ...

Ocean Modelling 94, 67-94