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Current Corona regulations on campus

Constructor University’s primary commitment, besides offering a first-class education, is to keep its campus and its community safe and healthy – students, employees, external services providers, guests and visitors alike. We therefore would like to give you an overview on which corona safety guidelines apply on campus of Constructor University in addition to the official corona regulation of the Federal Government and the State of Bremen. We cordially thank you for your support!


Campus rules as of February 2, 2023

Mask obligations:

  • From February 2 onwards, it is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask.
  • Nevertheless, Constructor University recommends wearing a mask indoors, especially in areas where proper distance or ventilation is not guaranteed.
  • We also recommend to take all precautionary measures available to stay healthy (wash hands, wear a face mask, use corona warn app.)

It is still mandatory to wear a FFP2 mask here:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Hospitals (+ Testing)
  • Day clinics (+Testing)
  • Outpatient and inpatient care facilities (+Testing)

Reporting a COVID-19 illness:

  • It is no longer mandatory to report an infection with COVID-19. However, in order to asses and evaluate we kindly ask all students to voluntarily inform their Resident Mentors about their infection with COVID-19.
  • You can also send an e-mail to: healthinfo@constructor.university
  • We kindly ask all employees infected with COVID-19 to inform supervisors and/or the Human Resources Department.


  • The requirement to isolate yourself for 5 days when infected with COVID-19 will be eliminated from February 1st onwards.
  • However, we highly recommend keeping yourself and others safe by practicing voluntary isolation when infected with COVID-19.
  • Should you be accommodated on campus and choose to self-isolate voluntarily during a COVID-19 infection, please report this to your Resident Mentor and write and email to healthinfo@constructor.university. You will then receive food deliveries to your room as well as support from campus staff.
  • We strongly recommend wearing a mask when coming into contact with others, should you be infected with COVID-19.

Requirements for students traveling from areas of variants of concern:

Please check the page of the Federal Foreign Office to find out about entry restrictions:
Traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic


Constructor University recommends its community members to take all precautionary measures available to stay healthy:

corona precautionary measures


You can download the Corona-Warn-App here.