Exhibition 'Robotic Exploration under Extreme Condition' (ROBEX) at Haus der Wissenschaft

 From April 15, the Helmholtz Alliance ‘Robotic Exploration under Extreme Condition (ROBEX)’ is exhibiting some of the results of the science project, a cooperation between 16 research institutions, including Jacobs University, at the Haus der Wissenschaft in Bremen. ROBEX develops and builds robotic systems and scientific devices that are able to withstand extreme environmental conditions on orbs, in the Polar Regions or the deep-sea. The project by the Helmholtz-Association unites scientists from 16 research institutions in Germany. The transdisciplinary ROBEX alliance also includes Jacobs University and is coordinated by the Alfred Wegener Institute (www.robex-allianz.de). April 9, 2015 The exhibition at Haus der Wissenschaft shows what kind of extreme environments the robots can operate in and gives an insight into the progress of robotics. It also offers visitors an opportunity to experience how hard it is to precisely control the robots in difficult terrain. In addition to the exhibition visitors can explore extreme environmental conditions in the school labs at the DLR and MARUM. Another highlight is the online exploration game ‘ROBEX -The Mission’, which playfully conveys the processes of the ROBEX project. As part of the game, which started in the beginning of April, players have to find QR codes that are hidden all over the city of Bremen. Scanning these codes automatically leads to the website www.robex-bremen.de where a question needs to be answered. The first player to find all 18 QR codes and to answer all the questions wins an exclusive prize. For more information please see: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qcvFF9cNfY www.facebook.com/robexallianz www.robex-bremen.de